The GE website climbs the world’s rank, the Group’s new communication

The GE website climbs the world’s rank, the Group’s new communication

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I am glad to communicate to our clientele and group the great company communication work done during this last years: our new website.

Since about 2014, Mr. Riccardo Magini is being dealing with the company communication. Since January 2016, Riccardo has being reprogramming both the front and back end of our magazine.

Moreover, together with Chiara Peppicelli, Maria Letizia Vigorito and Melania Burani, our new editor, coordinates every aspect of the magazine itself.

This little group, under the supervision of Mr. Riccardo Magini and with the support of the entire GE team, is increasing our website exposure.

A great prove of that is represented by the escalation which our website did into the main online exposure ranks as ALEXA.COM –, that globally certificates the websites credibility.

Indeed, we can see how, from April to August 2016, the website has increased of more than 600.000 positions, being now the three hundreds thousandth in the world and the eight thousandth in Italy.

There are a really a few agencies able to reach such results in Italy. Moreover, the ones which reach them are almost international and surely owing a longer history than ours.

Becoming a competitor for this international agencies is, for us, a great honour. It has been possible because, as already said, the great work of every specialist.

So, we have the pleasure to present you in advance the three new releases of our website. Thanks to the support of Francesco Cigna too, they will be launched at the end of 2016.

Francesco and Riccardo realized three different kind of front end which include the experience and functions we think the market is looking for.

Both for the video and photos sections, design had a fundamental role.

Indeed, we have recently purchased a drone, DJI Phantom, with which we have already did different videos.

Moreover, new websites have a really unique navigability and include 6 different research typologies, so to allow every client to find the right properties for him/her immediately.

Information regarding every property are many, clear and organized under macro-areas, so to avoid any wasting of time during the searching.

Finally, a social section is included too: clients will have the possibility to rate, through their feedbacks, the different properties and professionals of the Group.

Nothing at the case! If we consider that all this great work was done while developing The Best Price system, we will be able to really understand the importance of this 2016. Our national and international exposure is, as of now, into the top ten list.

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Marianna Gaiotto

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