Splendid Country House in Tuscany Recently Sold with Great Estate

Splendid Country House in Tuscany Recently Sold with Great Estate

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Great Estate has recently closed one more sale of the country house in Tuscany.
Giacomo Buonavita, the real estate agent who managed the seller, tells about this new success.

Could you tell us when you have taken this property for sale and how you have convinced the clients to rely on Great Estate?

I knew the owners of this country house from 2012, thanks to the common acquaintances.

I presented our Group to them, showed the way how we work: the clients believed in us and very soon, the first potential interested client arrived.

You have advertised the property on the international market, haven’t you?

Yes, we have advertised the property on the national and, first of all, on the international circuits.

Initially, we haven’t obtained much success: the house was surrounded by about eight hectares of land, comprising mostly vineyards, and it was not very attractive for clients, especially for international ones. The vineyards that, undoubtedly, add more value to the property, also require more responsibility, regarding the care and constant maintenance.

At the same time, the price was a little bit out of the market.

A few months later, the owners decided to range the asking price according to the situation on the market; moreover, we decided to establish the country house for sale without land, to give the property an opportunity to meet various needs of the buyers.
And then, in fact, we had a lot of visits. Very soon, our goal was achieved.

You have sold the country house to Italian-English clients, who live in Shanghai. Could you tell us something about this type of market and about this type of international clients interested in Tuscany?

Tuscany has been always one of the most attractive Italian regions for foreign clients: stone, brick, countryside and breath-taking landscapes, privacy together with history of numerous farmhouses in this area (the recently sold property dates back to the eighteen century) are only some of the pros that make foreigners chose this land.

Also I have to mention the eno-gastronomic aspect which is not on the last place in the list of advantages of such life choice.

What can you say about collaboration with Tommaso who managed the purchasers?

Tommaso is a fantastic collaborator. We have worked together in this negotiation and the result was excellent.

Are you satisfied with the current results of the Great Estate’s work?

Absolutely, yes. Despite the “particular” historic moment, we, professionals of Great Estate, are continuing to bring satisfying results to our company. Thanks to the everyday work behind all this and, the most important, thanks to the desire for improvement and professional growth.

What can you advise to those who cannot sell a property?

I think that nowadays a sale price corresponding the market and a good visibility of the property through the marketing profile on the national and international market are the two fundamental aspects that can help to sell a property, especially, in such historical and economic periods like now.

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