Selling or purchasing a property with Great Estate: the best choice

Selling or purchasing a property with Great Estate: the best choice

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The analysis conducted by REOPLA, also taken by Il Sole 24, reveals that selling or purchasing a property using the consultancy and mediation of a real estate agency is the best and most advantageous choice.

According to the data that emerged from a survey carried out by REOPLA, a company specializing in analysis and software for the real estate sector, when it comes to real estate sales, the best success is achieved by relying on real estate agencies. 

The data speaks for itself: agencies sell properties in half the time compared to private individuals.

In particular, regarding sales managed directly between private individuals, the negotiation margin stands at 10.2%.
On the contrary, for sales managed by agencies, for which this figure is significantly reduced, settling on average at 8.4%

This data demonstrates that the effectiveness of the work carried out by real estate professionals, protects and guarantees the success of the negotiation.

Another important fact concerns the square footage of the properties sold.

If, on the one hand, the largest number of transactions between private individuals are recorded for surfaces of less than 50 sqm, the REOPLA study found that for larger properties, above 145 sqm, agencies are trusted with greater confidence.

This data is even more true with regards to prestigious properties, for which structured agencies such as those of the Great Estate network, are able to deploy the most effective tools and strategies of proven validity in order to guarantee the best presentation of the property on the market of reference, usually international.

The Great Estate network, thanks to the experience of professionals, a consolidated territorial network and innovative and highly performing IT tools such as The Best Price evaluation system, ensures vendors the best support and the most effective consultancy for the sale or prestigious properties in Umbria and Tuscany.

In this regard, we invite you to read our recent article dedicated to the extraordinary results obtained by the evaluation system designed by Great Estate and developed in collaboration with three Italian universities, in the five-year period from 2016-2020.


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