Stefano Calafà’s team goals and the importance of the “My Agent” service

Stefano Calafà’s team goals and the importance of the “My Agent” service

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Mr. Stefano Calafà, the Via Dei Colli – a G.E.P. Umbria partner agency – CEO, tells us about the results achieved during the last months of 2017 thanks to the cooperation with GE.

After an initial slowdown phase caused by the psychological aspects of the 2016 heart quake, the last period of 2017 has been really positive for us. Indeed, we sold 4 properties:

Three properties among Todi and Monte Castello Di Vibio, Umbria, and one in the Ascoli Piceno province, Marche.

For a price range of 290.000/670.000€, three of this properties were sold to US, English and Finnish clients.

Surely, the buyers’ My Agent choice, our personalized research service, is very interesting. A particular case was the one of a couple with who I was in contact since 2016, when they could not close the purchasing of a property because of an urbanistic discrepancy. My Agent gave the clients the possibility to refer themselves to a unique person and, in the meantime, accede to the local market too. Indeed, some of them purchased properties which were not managed by Great Estate directly, but which were previously selected into the portfolios of other agencies.

We are completely convinced of the validity of this service which allows us to create a deeper relationship between the real estate agent and the client. On one hand, the research increase exponentially. On the other hand, by entrusting yourself to a unique professional, a great time saving can be boasted too.

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