Great Estate new website: the floor goes to the EngineLab CEO, Roberto Pizzinelli, EMEA Google Ambassador

Great Estate new website: the floor goes to the EngineLab CEO, Roberto Pizzinelli, EMEA Google Ambassador

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Great Estate has now a new website: another goal reached by the team leaded by Stefano Petri (read here his article). To do so, GE entrusted itself to a Bolognese web company: Engine Lab. We interviewed the company CEO, Roberto Pizzinelli, to discover how the Great Estate new website planning had started.
  • Hi Roberto, would you like to share your impressions about the upload of the new website with us?

First of all, I would like to clarify how important it was – and still is – for the entire working team, composed by both the G.E. and the Engine Lab staffs. The expectations were very high, as well as the number of possible problems to face! We are proud of the results obtained, but we are also aware that there is still a lot to do.

  • Which were the inputs of this idea?

Great Estate is a famous Luxury Real Estate brand and we had to face a very complex project. First, we have decided to invest in some analysis activities in order to establish the best medium-large-period strategy to apply and the objectives to be reached during the next months and years.

  • In your opinion, which are the news of the new website? What can a Great Estate client do from now on?

Bringing, in the website too, the same attention that Great Estate gives to its clients by improving the images, the usability and the contents, but still maintaining a high quality level. The property research and presentation, the heart of a real estate on-line project, has been improved: quicker, more intuitive, complete, but always in respect of the Great Estate spirit that, for the will of Stefano Petri – its founder -, deals with prestigious properties, giving so a great importance to the graphic valorisation of the same. It is very rare to find a so huge attention – and investment as well – for contents like photos and videos. We are sure to be already doing the difference in the market and among the competitors.

We have also to remember the great importance of The Best Price, the database of the website which allows us to manage a huge quantity of data as a real Business Intelligence.

  • What do you think are the strengths of the website?Which are the features that distinguish it from the ones of other real estate agencies?

As I said, the design, the usability and, in general, all the user experiences have been the object of great modifications and attention. We want the user in the centre of everything, with fast and focused answers. We chose the best technologies and web marketing techniques to make it become true.

Many of them are obviously easy to be seen by every user but, the large part of the news is “behind the scenes”: the new communication strategy, the Social Editorial Plan, the new Magazine, the SEO Plan (the techniques to obtain the highest visibility from Google) and the innovative web analytics tools thanks to which we constantly monitor the users’ behavior in order to improve ourselves and be able to offer more precise responses to the clientele expectations.

I believe that G.E. is an incredible reality, a great organization: I am very impressed by the resources and skills of this staff of professionals, experiences and cohesive, who want to improve themselves with a unique objective: the service to the client.

So, we abandoned a technical approach to the web marketing to be communicatively more close to the clients, the partners and the agencies which entrust the G.E. group, aimed to reach the perfection in every activity (including into the Engine Lab ones) and this means a service which improve the loyalty of the clients. For this reason, I am no more surprised to read so many important people’s names that choose Great Estate to do their real estate investments.

  • To be more precise, which was the role of Engine Lab in this G.E. project?

In every project, especially for the ones like this, there are some activities which result to be already well done and others no. Our job is to understand which are the first and make them the strengths, and to recognize and improve the seconds. Our experience allowed us to identify the project room for improvements. So, we chose the more adequate action tools and steps to do. The technology is the same, but the “way of use it” changes depending on the strategy. Often, in order to make choices which possibly bring a person to reach great results, some courage is needed too. In G.E. we obtained the deepest trust. For this reason, I obviously thank Stefano Petri. I am sure we are proving that this trust was in safe hands and we want to keep doing it.

  • Will this new website be able to face the ever-changing real estate market needs and requests?

It is and it will be also increased in this sense. Obviously, the website will be constantly updated. A growing during which we monitor every activity to maintain a constant contact with the market and the GE clientele by using every possibility of improvement and innovation.

Great Estate has some very clear ideas about the goals to be reached and we will be at their side to make it become true.

Having always been fascinated by the technology and the innovation, Roberto Pizzinelli turned the Web Marketing into his job creating Engine Lab, a consulting firm and web agency based in Bologna with a national and international clients portfolio. Nowadays, the agency includes 10 IT and communication professionals. Roberto is its CEO and Project Manager, as well as the Services and Consultancy Agencies to the Ravenna Confcommercio Enterprises Union president (Agenzie di Servizi e Consulenza alle Imprese di Confcommercio Ravenna), a Web Marketing professor and an EMEA Google Ambassador since June 2015.

A very special thanks to Roberto Pizzinelli and the entire Engine Lab staff.

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