The new Great Estate platform is now online: the comment and the gratitude of Stefano Petri

The new Great Estate platform is now online: the comment and the gratitude of Stefano Petri

Stefano's Column Aug 24, 2018 No Comments
The two websites and speak for themselves. We are sure that both communicate many things about the work and the commitment we are spending.

The words explanation of all the work done during the last two years to put the new platform online risks to diminish it. The GREAT ESTATE professionals accepted the great challenge of let themselves be moved and improve further: everyone contributed to reach this objective. I would like to underline that the new websites represent the top of the iceberg of an extraordinary project, whose base stands in the management software created during the last 2-3 years of work.

I believe it is right and deserved to thank all the professionals who, with their complete commitment, contributed to reach this great goal:

  • Marzia Rognini: holding a languages degree, Marzia has recently joined our group, dealing with the general secretary management. The perfect Russian and English knowledge, as well as her crossing skills gave us a great support!
  • Simona Scorpioni: a young IT engineer who contributed to realize this objective, dealing with the new properties statistics section, a topic she used as the subject of her graduate thesis!
  • Alice Ceccomoro: holding a languages degree, she is an English simultaneous interpreter and owns a great German knowledge, as well as a very special work ethic. All skills perfectly mixed together!
  • Iuliia Sharenko: holding a languages degree and Russian native speaker, she is an English teacher with a great Italian knowledge. “Doing well” is one of the fundamentals of GREAT ESTATE and Iuliia represents it perfectly!
  • Ludovico Pinzi: he is the one who deals with the videos of the website. Moreover, Ludovico has the fundamental and complete knowledge of The Best Price program that sends all the data to the website
  • Valentina Fabbrizzi: our general secretary and historic memory of the group. She made all we wanted to realize to be monitored and organized in best way possible. Precisely for this reason, she owns a fundamental role.
  • Chiara Peppicelli: holding a degree in law, Chiara is the person in charge for the On Line Magazine of Great Estate. A blog which wants to tell the Great Estate world: the interviews to our clients and agents, the goals reached by the group, the real estate law news, as well as the “lighter” lifestyle ones.
  • Engine Lab s.r.l.; Roberto Pizzinelli (read here his article), company CEO and Google Ambassador, and Silvia Basso, the person in charge for the Social Network sector of Great Estate. This innovative web agency is dealing with the management and supervision of the new web platform, increasing our web surfing and usability results further.
  • Francesco Cigna (read here his article): having an IT degree, a great professionality mixed to an independent strong will…that represents a lot, or even all, of what Great Estate bases on!
  • Paolo Buffa: a great supporter and professional of the Great Estate Partners project. His renowned international experience allowed this platform to breath some international fresh air!
  • Beecoome s.r.l.; Simone Gadenz, Nicoletta Galli, Alberto Cruccas and Iacopo Mugnari: the creators of the entire The Best Price development sector, the IT management system which allows us to automatically send all the data to the two websites (click here to discover more about it)

In addition to those who had specifically worked on the platform project, I would like to thank also:

  • Every single professional of every group-office. All of them have contributed, with indications and feedbacks, to the platform releases, so this results derive from their commitment too.
  • My partner and my two children. During this last two years and by respecting me, my job and my objectives, Lucrezia, Alberto and, above all, Chiara have always been supporting me, even if it has meant take some valuable time off to our family too.
  • A last thank goes to my parents. They taught me to live with a strong will-of-doing, always smiling and committing myself to try to improve day by day, without never backing down. Those are the fundamentals principles of my life, that has become the Great Estate Group ones too: PROFESSIONALISM, WILLINGNESS AND ACCURACY towards us, the others and the rest.
The bright future of the Great Estate Group has officially started! With those premises we are sure we will be able to thrill ourselves and our beautiful clients.

Stefano Petri

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