The new Great Estate website: the interview to the solution architect Francesco Cigna

The new Great Estate website: the interview to the solution architect Francesco Cigna

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The new Great Estate website represents the result of the work of an extraordinary professional team. Today, and with a huge pleasure, we will address some questions to one of this team members: Francesco Cigna, the solution architect. 
  • So, Francesco, how do you feel and what are your sensations after the recent upload of the new Great Estate website?

We are very satisfied about it! This is the result of a great team work. Seeing the new website online pays us back of all the great efforts done in more than a working year.

  • Were there any preparatory research needed to realize the new website?

The real estate “competitors” examination, as well as the analysis activity in general, was fundamental. We made ourselves questions of many kind:

How to improve the user experience?

Which kind of tools have to be used for the interface?

Which kind of interaction did we want with the final user?

  • Why did you decide to create this project?

IT world runs very fast: both the needs of the professionals who want to use an ad hoc software to improve their work and the ones of the internet users. The old website was good, with clear contents and respecting the Great Estate principles, but with some limits: for example, it was not usable from the mobile devices, which represent an essential aspect for a modern site. The reasons of this project are many but, having daily worked with Stefano Petri, I believe there was – and still is – a constant “wish of improving”.

  • Concretely speaking, what was your role in this process?

I dealt with the technological choices of the website. In order to make every planning needs clear into a technical plan, I worked very closely to Stefano Petri and the Engine Lab team.

Being sure about our work, we know that the website has a very solid base and it was created to allow future modifications and uploads.

  • Can you please sum us up the main news of the website?

As said before, the fact that this website is a responsive one gives the possibility to the user to enter it from any mobile device.

Regarding the desktop (laptop and pc) version, we created a research system for every page. Moreover, it is possible to use an interactive map in the home page.

The most impressive element is a coordinated image of the website with videos and photos of a great impact, as well as many information about every property divided into easy tabs.

There is also another important “detail”: the social part. From now on, an user will be able to evaluate the property tab inserting specific comments on the price, information and images. The valuation can be modified every time by entering into the personal area (a tool usable only if registered).

It is important to know that is just the top of the iceberg based on The Best Price, an innovative IT system developed by the Beecome company. It is possible to understand the evolutive potentialities of the website just through the analysis of the The Best Price database.

  • In your opinion, are there any aspects of the new Great Estate website which make it different from the ones of other real estate agencies?

Of course. The high quality photos and emotive videos, clear information, easy research system, fast desktop and mobile pages: all those aspects means a huge user experience!

We will keep to improve and develop every single aspect of it, trying to understand the future market needs.

Thank you Francesco!

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