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Selling a farmhouse in a restored village in the Todi countryside to Dutch clients

Great Estate offers to sell a renovated farmhouse in Todi to Dutch clients. We interview Roberto Biggera, the Group’s International Sales Co-Ordinator, who was involved in the management of the sale of the property, together with Stefano Calafà, owner of

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Selling a farmhouse in Tuscany to an important american client. Stefano Petri talks about the next major sale

Stefano Petri Tuesday July 15th, the Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group has successfully completed the sale of a beautiful farmhouse to Niederauer family. A very important sale to a very important client that Stefano Petri, Managing Director of

Selling a farmhouse in Paciano	to american clients

The Great Estate Group’s solution to selling an Umbrian farmhouse Once again, another great achievement by the Great Estate Group with the sale of a beautiful farmhouse in the municipality of Paciano. Today, we interview Giacomo Buonavita, who is responsible

Selling a farmhouse in Sarteano in Tuscany

Edited by Alessandra Conforti The purchase and sale of a property is not only a negotiation or contract but sees a mixture of stories, passion and hard work. Dr. Chiara Peppicelli and Giacomo Buonavita, both Italian property consultants with Great