Selling a farmhouse in Paciano	to american clients

Selling a farmhouse in Paciano to american clients

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The Great Estate Group’s solution to selling an Umbrian farmhouse.

Once again, another great achievement by the Great Estate Group with the sale of a beautiful farmhouse in the municipality of Paciano. Today, we interview Giacomo Buonavita, who is responsible for the sellers:

Giacomo, can you tell us how long the Great Estate Group has had this property and how did you convince the clients to entrust the sale to you and to the Great Estate Group?

The property was acquired in the summer of 2009; the owner contacted the group for general information and, having taken note of the potential of our organization, took little time in realizing that with our professional support, the owner would have a real possibility of selling their beautiful Umbrian property.

The Great Estate Group does a lot of work for international clients, what do you think are the reasons for this visibility and performance?

That’s right, the property as previously mentioned, came from an earlier acquisition where, over time, they have struggled to find the right market. This is for two reasons: the economic demand which was too high in the eyes of the market and inadequate advertising of the potential of the property itself. In fact, since the beginning of 2014, personally taking over the management of the property/client and following an update of the property’s valuation, we have created a perfect synergy with the owner. They authorized me to adjust the price according to economic demand, as well as having agreed with the group, an “international” advertising package that has allowed for the promotion of the property on all the Great Estate Group’s international networks. Essentially these were the two factors that have sold the property in just 4-5 months from it being newly acquired by the Group.

You sold the farmhouse to American clients. Most of us think that Americans buy in Tuscany, why do you think they chose to buy this farmhouse on the shores of Lake Trasimeno?

Because although Umbria is less well-known and not internationally recognized like Tuscany, in reality, it has nothing to envy with its more famous neighbour, especially the areas directly bordering Trasimeno. The American clients, in this case, did indeed recognize in this region, that of a chosen property, a location entirely similar to nearby Tuscany. This is as well as having equally easy accessibility from the main arterial roads of Central Italy, with the important difference that the Umbrian market is more accessible economically for the purchase of a property in the countryside. Another interesting aspect, especially for international clients, is that the Umbrian municipalities are more flexible with building and urban planning, to allow for a greater opportunity of “movement” in any changes to be made to the chosen property.

How was your collaboration with Dr. Elisa Biglia who managed the buyers? And what’s the Great Estate Group’s collaboration like in general?

The collaboration with my colleague Elisa was yet another confirmation of a perfect professional synergy. I personally know Elisa and have worked with her since 2009, the year I joined the Great Estate Group: Elisa and I had the honour and the pleasure to achieve many good results together that we have always shared in a perfect harmony and collaborative spirit. The work ethics of fairness, professionalism and availability on which Great Estate was founded, have always been reflected in collaboration with Elisa, as in the experiences that I have had the pleasure in sharing with all the Group’s other professionals.

What does this mean for those who cannot sell their property in the Lake Trasimeno area?

What I advise to all clients on a daily basis is this: the sale of a property, despite the difficulties of the current period, is not unattainable. The weapons which the seller has are always the same: the ability to take rational action, in a real estate market that has not seen the prices of the early 2000s (it will once again in the short/medium term) and the ability to activate a synergistic collaboration with our Real Estate Group, using all the promotional tools that we offer in order to make your property “unique” in the eyes of the market and thus achieve the goal of selling in the short term.

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