Selling a farmhouse in Tuscany to an important american client. Stefano Petri talks about the next major sale

Selling a farmhouse in Tuscany to an important american client. Stefano Petri talks about the next major sale

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Stefano Petri

Tuesday July 15th, the Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group has successfully completed the sale of a beautiful farmhouse to Niederauer family. A very important sale to a very important client that Stefano Petri, Managing Director of the Group has said that:

“The sale of a farmhouse that is so beautiful and to such a prestigious client, closed positively, knowing all the work that had been done is a great satisfaction and I am really proud of the group that made this goal possible. We had many difficulties for the registration/regulation of various urban planning issues that were highlighted during the buying of the property. Issues were highlighted and our task was to work with our trusted technician who shed light on additional issues that in the buying phase we could not identify. If the sale is successful, it will be mainly in large part from the great attention paid by the Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group which focused on the acquisition, and all the detailed analysis required especially those of urban and land planning. Often we are faced with the difficulty of delivering technical reports to sellers on the property and increasingly we are realizing how important and essential these are to make a success of a possible problematic issue that would damage the seller often so reluctant to provide the right information to the real estate agency. Important work was also carried out by the sellers’ manager Chiara Pompili, who was able to make the value of the property clear in the months leading to the sale. It seems that the closing of the deal is the result of actions in

relatively close temporal sense but is not absolutely the case. The positive closure depends essentially on the setting of a job that can last for months and months and that is just the kind of work which then leads to the conclusion of the sale. Our working method is based precisely on advice repeated over time with the latest IT tools and certainly their implementation is what sets us apart from many other real estate companies who still believe and think the world is that of 10-20 years ago. The management of the buyer was in part by Elisa Biglia and Stephen Crowther, which consisted of about 3 years of consulting, 3 years of various changes by the client and hard work by the consultants, and then eventually we got to the finish line, right: to find the right property. Here, too, a great credit to the perseverance and the use of our IT systems. Certainly we have a management that automatically informs the client of the latest properties for sale then we have a great cohesion between the various professionals within the group. There are two winning formulas to find the right property for the international or domestic client. In this case, however, the result was obtained from many months and in this case, years, where here perseverance and availability, the Group’s two winning weapons proved an asset. All the rest is routine for us within the group though, it takes great care in setting up the proposal, the preliminary contract of sale as well as the deed of sale, the risk is that the negotiations will break down if there is some cause/information that is missing. Certainly one of my greatest satisfactions that I can say without a shadow of a doubt is to realize the working group and the professionals therein, reached a really high level of professional skills and knowledge. This deal has also given us the wonderful opportunity to find a great professional with whom we had previously cooperated with, the sale of an Umbrian villa to Russian clients, Dr. Alessandro Giusti, consul general for the Tuscan and the Marches regions as well as the principality of Munich at the highest professional level for Italian and international tax advice for companies and for the best listing on the stock exchange. The better I get to know Dr. Alessandro Giusti, there will be more International opportunities and I am pleased to say, even the beginning of a healthy friendship that perhaps could develop into many great projects both domestic and international with the Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group, Dr. Alessandro Giusti and Duncan Niederauer, and that we can in many cases find a meeting point.

What to say in conclusion then is a big thanks to Elisa Biglia, Stephen Crowther, Chiara Pompili and Alessandro Giulianelli who accompanied us in the urban planning verification of the property, allowing us to reach the conclusion of this deal.

I offer my best wishes to the Niederauer family that they will fully enjoy the beauty of this location and that perhaps such an important person of global finance will bring more capital to our beautiful area, and to Italy in general. We will certainly try to “”take advantage’ of this great opportunity in a positive way always with the concepts of professionalism and fairness.

We interview Dr. Elisa Biglia who now tells us her view of this sale (HERE YOU CAN DO ANOTHER ITEM OR TO CONTINUE WITH THE SAME MAYBE BETTER SEE THE FIRST CASE)

Let’s take the word of Dr. Alessandro Giusti who explains to us the relationship that has been created with the Great Estate group (Here you can do an interview with Dr. Giusti which I asked permission for.)

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