The Great Estate statistics for the month of April 2022

The Great Estate statistics for the month of April 2022

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Starting from April 2022, we will inaugurate a new column: the Great Estate Statistics, for a monthly analysis of the luxury property market in Italy.

Thanks to the constant commitment of our professionals to make the IT tools of the network increasingly updated and performing, we are able to carry out interesting sector surveys that we want to make available to everyone through the Great Estate Magazine and the newsletters dedicated to owners and to professionals.

We introduce you to the Great Estate Statistics, a report that we will periodically update with data taken from our management system and from the website analysis tools, to answer some of the most interesting questions asked by our customers and network partners. In the following articles that you will find in this section, we will analyze the variations compared to the previous period to analyze how the demand of the luxury property market in Italy evolves and which factors influence these changes.

We will start with an initial snapshot of the Great Estate Statistics for April 2022, followed by the publication of a Top 10 of the most sought after properties by our international clients.

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Where do our customers come from?

Overall visits to the site in April 2022 were over 68,000, with a total of 66,667 active users. Here is some additional information on where visits to the site come from:

Pie chart: Great Estate website users by country
Top 10 Countries of origin of usersNumber of active users (April 2022)
United States6903
United Kingdom3555

Most spoken languages:

Bar chart - Languages
LanguageActive Users

Among the active users on the web site, those most motivated to visit the properties are the registered users.

On the website, the registration is required in order to view special content such as professional photos, videos and virtual tours, but also to take advantage of services such as the wish list and the access to additional properties statistics. Each month it is possible to obtain the count of registered users in the different languages of the web site:

APRIL 2022

New registered users: 537 of 12932 total registered users since the activation of the registration service in 2020.

Total site login events: 7599

Registration languages

Bar chart - registered users by language

Thanks to this analysis, we have noticed an important increase in visibility on the German market, a fact that more and more motivates us to invest and strengthen our presence and enhance services in the German language.

Network activities

This month, we registered 57 new properties, which have been or will soon be published on the web site and on the main  portals on which we are present with our proposals. We conducted 107 on-site inspections and handled 71 negotiations.

An important fact concerns virtual tours, a new tool that we have enhanced in 2020 and which continues to give increasingly exciting results. In April, we count a total of 78 properties that can be visited online, growing with about 5 new virtual tours added every month.

Would you like to know more about the great potential of virtual tours for the enhancement of your property?

Read the article on the successes we have achieved thanks to virtual sales.

Our in-depth analysis continues with the top 10 of the most requested properties of the month of April, new contents that will give you more and more information on the international buyers of prestigious properties in Italy and what they are looking for, at this time of the year.

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