The importance of the assignment for sale: the accuracy and the professionalism of Great Estate

The importance of the assignment for sale: the accuracy and the professionalism of Great Estate

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In response to common and wrong practices of some real estate agencies which decide to advertise the properties without having any authorization of the owners, Great Estate differs always precisely because of its accuracy and professionalism.

Assignments for sale: nowadays, some agencies still have wrong behaviours in this sector too. Among them, the non-authorized property advertisement and the non-signing of the assignment for sale stand. In this cases, the law establishes a particular procedure to protect the private, the victim of those misconducts.

First, he/she can send a registered mail to the “crook” agency asking it to immediately remove the property advertisement from every website or national and international portal.

If, despite this, the real estate advertisement is not cancelled, the private is free to consult the privacy Competition Authoritythough a simple warning aimed to ask a check, through a call (formal act with which a person reports a violation of the personal data law) or, finally, starting a complaint. This last case is possible only if the agency is inappropriately using its name.

In addition to those solutions, the private can also bring a suit to ask for the damages compensation (essential, for this purpose, is the client’s demonstration of being victimized by the property advertisement).

The Great Estate Group, constantly adopting a perfectly consolidated working methodology, uses an accurate procedure for the assignment for sale too.

When the owner of a property decides to entrust him/herself to the Great Estate agency in order to sell, our professionals always present him/her our specific assignment for sale. It includes all the indications and the property clauses, the marketing patterns proposed, the rights and the duties of both the agency and the vendors (click here to discover more about it). This document have to be signed before the advertising activity starting and approved by both the vendors and the agency.

Discover the working methodology of the group leaded by the CEO Stefano Petri: professionalism, accuracy and openness, together with modern high-tech tools, are our winning cards and your guarantee to quickly and profitably sell your property.

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