The new frontier of the property visits: purchase your dream home with the “Virtual Open House” of GE

The new frontier of the property visits: purchase your dream home with the “Virtual Open House” of GE

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We are going to present to you our “Virtual Open House”: an important part of the project, very innovative, called “Virtual Visits”. This represents one of the solutions created by GE in order to face the problems caused by Covid-19 and its consequent needs.

In our Group, we were thinking about the creation of some “Open Houses” by setting some days when we could have welcomed our clients in our best properties, maybe also with a reception, during which – in addition to the property presentation – we would have replied to all the questions of our clients.

The impossibility of holding “standard” Open Houses did not discourage us but, on the contrary, gave us the input to adapt to a new world, which in a short time has undergone major changes.

And that’s how Great Estate has structured an innovative solution to visit the property of your dreams:

the Virtual Open House Project!

It includes two “Virtual Open House” typologies:

  • Open House with Virtual Tour: the real estate agent/interpreter will present the virtual tour of your property to the clients during a video call.
  • Standard Open House: the real estate agent/interpreter will move within your property during a video call done with several selected clients (Open House Deluxe) or live via Facebook/Instagram (Open House Social).

As you may have guessed, you now have the opportunity to take advantage of truly powerful and innovative services.

Let’s discover in detail these services:

Open House with Virtual Tour

This type of Open House is realized with the use of a video conference platform (Meet, Skype or similar). While one of our professionals moves inside or outside of the single property, through a Virtual Tour previously created, he will share the screen of his PC with the interested buyers.

Thanks to this service, you will have the opportunity to see and taste a “path” of visit previously organized by our professional, as well as to linger, at your request, on certain parts or areas of the property.

Open House Deluxe

With the Open House Deluxe, one of our professionals will physically go to the property and, through the use of a video conference platform (Meet, Whatsapp, Skype, or similar), will film the interior and exterior of each property of your interest that you want to visit. It will be the professional who will physically move in the different rooms of the house, like a real on-site visit.

This type of Open House, in addition to offering all the advantages of the previous one, gives you the additional one of being able to stop and check some aspects and details of the property in real-time.

Open House Social

To perform this service, our headquarters will create a program of public events on our social channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), whose duration will vary from 1 to 2 hours, in which we will include some data of the property, the link to its tab on our website, date and time of the Open House, as well as the link to access the meeting in case of use of the external platform (Meet, Skype or similar).

During the event, one of our professionals will move inside the property presented, filming in real-time and explaining the path, during which each customer buyer will be able to ask questions, and our professional will answer live to each of them.


Here is your great opportunity!

Thanks to our service, you could watch and visit all the properties you are interested in even if you are thousands of miles away!

We are sure that in this particular historic moment, it is important to study and keep improving in order to be always a step ahead and offer to our buyers the best consultancy possible.

From now on, you could watch or ask for a series of Virtual Open House!

Until March 2021, by contacting your trusted professional or the headquarters, you can use some free visits!

So, call us now and discover the innovative proposals for our Group!

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