8 sales, December 2020: the confirmation of TBP power

8 sales, December 2020: the confirmation of TBP power

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As we have recently told you, Great Estate has officialised the sale of eight properties during December. A very important data and the starting point to reflect on our working methodology and the services we propose to our clientele.

Do you remember the article about the sales we made in December? If you missed it, you can read it here.

While reading it, you could discover some details on the characteristics of the properties we sold, the agents who worked at these goals, and the clients who have finally purchased those homes.

This because we, as Great Estate, want to share with all of you our successes and satisfactions!

In the meantime, our sales in December represent also an occasion to reflect on the validity and efficiency of the GE working method, as well as of the tools and services that our Group offers to our clients.

One above the others: THE BEST PRICE.

We told you about TBP in many articles in our Magazine: our cutting-edge IT system, developed by university researchers, Real Estate experts, and IT engineers. It is able to establish quickly and professionally the right value of every property. Based on algorithms and data-collection models, The Best Price is able to offer a complete and detailed estimate of every property.

Proposing a property on the market at a price in line with its real market value – a value established by TBP – represents the first and fundamental step to reach the objective sale quickly:

the first “E”, the one of “ESTIMATE”, of the GE method.

In the following tab we are going to show you – in chronological order – the estimated values of TBP, the final selling price, and the difference among the previous data related to the eight properties we sold in December (for privacy matters, we indicated them with numbers.

Property n°1€ 1.020.000€ 1.000.0002%
Property n°2€ 295.000€ 290.0001,7%
Property n°3€ 305.000€ 300.0001,6%
Property n°4€ 690.000€ 700.0001,4%
Property n°5€ 705.000€ 700.0001,4%
Property n°6€ 1.415.000€ 1.400.0001,1%
Property n°7€ 186.000€ 185.0000,5%
Property n°8€ 1.345.000€ 1.350.0000,4%

As you could see, the results are surprising: the difference stands within a range of between 2% and 0.4%.

Basically, the eight properties sold in December have been sold for a value that remained very closed to the one highlighted by The Best Price.

This tool proved its efficiency every day more. A tool that Great Estate is committed to daily improve, this thanks to the work of our estimator sector, supported by engineer Tullio Morandi.

The extraordinary commitment of this sector allows us to improve the quality and the precision of the data entered into the system, and, in the same way, the impact of every qualitative characteristic of every property in the global qualitative-score.

So, you would have surely understood how difficult and powerful is this tool: sale after sale, The Best Price gives us great satisfaction by proving us all its efficiency!

The Best Price is “just” one among the many innovative services that Great Estate proposes to all those who are willing to sell their property and want to reach this objective quickly! If you want to learn more about all the advantages you can have by giving us your property for sale click here.

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