2020 luxury buying and selling: Corriere Dell’Umbria interviews Great Estate’s CEO

2020 luxury buying and selling: Corriere Dell’Umbria interviews Great Estate’s CEO

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In spite of Covid-19, 2020 closes on a positive note as far as prestigious property sales in the green heart of Italy are concerned. Corriere Dell’Umbria interviewed our group’s CEO Stefano Petri on this subject.

On 17th January, the daily newspaper Corriere Dell’Umbria published an in-depth report on the trend of prestigious property sales in Umbria during 2020, by interviewing Stefano Petri, the CEO of Great Estate Group.

In the article, Petri states that:

“the pandemic does not stop this type of market, which, on the contrary, records important numbers and a further +20% in sales, confirming a trend that has been going on for some years now”.

Furthermore, our CEO specifies that:

“Umbria has become a highly sought-after destination for those who are wishing to purchase a prestigious property: its landscapes, history, and culture are known all over the world.

On top of all this, this region continues to offer absolutely competitive prices if compared to the neighboring Tuscany“.

The most requested areas of Umbria go from Todi to Orvieto and Spoleto, to the countryside around Lake Trasimeno and the ones of Città della Pieve.

Stefano Petri points out that, among the clientele that looks more to Umbria as a location in which to buy prestigious properties, there are not only Germans, Belgians and Dutch, but also:

“many expressions of interest also come from the UK and the USA; while, in the last three-four years, we have noticed an important increase in the demand for properties in Umbria from clients from Israel, as well as from Eastern European countries, which are experiencing interesting financial situations”.

The most sought-after property types can be completely renovated country houses, characteristic apartments located in historic centres, large, prestigious villas and historic castles, with prices varying up to a few million euros.

Then, Stefano Petri recalls some of the most important sales made in Umbria last year.

“In the Orvieto area, in January 2020, we closed the sale of the majestic “Dimora Nobiliare”, a historic property dating back to 1300, located in the immediate vicinity of the city and purchased by an Australian couple, Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs, two well-known art collectors.”

Last October, on the other hand, we concluded the sale of “Il Paradiso Su Todi”, a wonderful farmhouse bought by an Italian-Argentinean couple thanks to our virtual visit services.”

This innovative service, recently set up by the GE Group, allows the difficulties connected to the Covid-19 emergency to be overcome by offering to our national and international buyers the possibility of visiting each property “remotely” and then concluding the sale.

As far as sales are concerned, last April, in the middle of the lockdown period, a German couple, Ellen and Axel, bought the splendid “Villa Smeraldo”, immersed in the hills overlooking Lake Trasimeno, with an amazing view of the lake.

Green Umbria also attracts celebrities!

Among them is Luca Argentero who, a few years ago in cooperation with Great Estate, bought a farmhouse in the countryside of Città della Pieve, in which, as he himself declared, he spent the whole 2020 lockdown.

Petri continues:

“Our clients include political figures, well-known entrepreneurs, show business people and many national and international financial personalities who have bought and are buying in Umbria”.

Over the last ten years, the Great Estate Group has signed more than 200 sales above €300,000, for a total of more than € 100 million in sales.

Such goals can only be achieved through the organization that Great Estate has built up over its 25 years of experience, and, in particular, through one of our most powerful and innovative services, which allows us to position each property in the market in the best possible way, to achieve… The Best Price!

That is exactly what one of the tools of the GE Group is called: The Best Price.

This is our in-house software that perfectly identifies the best price obtainable from the market.
In fact, if the demand for our beautiful Umbria is increasing, this is also due to attractive property values, which have been decreasing annually by 3-5% since 2010. This is a situation that makes the buyer market perceive the possibility of making a good real estate investment. It is therefore very important to share with Great Estate the correct market value of every single property, as an incorrect placing on the market will prejudice the achievement of the best result.

If these were just some of the extraordinary results achieved in the year just ended, 2021 is aiming for even bigger goals!

Among these is the strengthening of its presence in Umbria with the imminent opening of a new, prestigious office in the historic centre of Orvieto. This new location will join those already present in Perugia, Todi, Spoleto, Città Della Pieve, and the areas around Lake Trasimeno.

According to Stefano Petri, Orvieto is:

“An area where we have already been operating for some time. This is why we felt it necessary to increase our visibility, so as to strengthen and consolidate our brand in Umbria”.


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