“Il Paradiso Su Todi”: make your dream come true with the Virtual Visits of Great Estate

“Il Paradiso Su Todi”: make your dream come true with the Virtual Visits of Great Estate

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Last Autumn, Great Estate has recently signed the sale of “Il Paradiso Su Todi”. A very incredible sale, not just for the charm of the house and the value but, above all, for its “realization”: the Virtual Visits.

After the one of “La Terrazza” near Siena, or of “Tenuta Santa Cristina” in Umbria near Gubbio, of “Amore Di Vino” in Cortona, and of “Podere Acquaviva” in the province of Terni, we are now going to tell you about a new virtual sale done by the Great Estate.

“Il Paradiso Su Todi” is a beautiful property located about 10 kilometers from one of the most fascinating towns in Umbria: Todi.

The name of this property already describes all its beauty. Not just the extraordinary charm of this home, but also its location. A stunning natural terrace from where admire a 360° view of the surroundings and Todi (click here to describe the property).

Harmony and calmness are the first sensations that this property can offer you, surrounded by nature. The plans and flowers perfumes frame this picture.

So, a very special property, a true “paradise”!

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Thanks to the efficient teamwork done by Great Estate, this beautiful home has been purchased by an Italo-Argentine couple.

In particular, the real estate consultants who were the protagonists of this sale were our CEO, Mr. Stefano Petri, who managed the vendors, and Mrs. Ilaria Peparaio, the manager director of Eletta Home Staging, who dealt with the buyers.

As we have already told you, this sale is part of our “virtual” ones. Our Group is able to do it thanks to the many powerful and innovative services we created.

In particular, “Il Paradiso Su Todi” has been sold after an interest proved by the buyers which has followed:

  1. An upgrade of the price requested to the property value as suggested by our The Best Price.
  2. The possibility of visiting the farmhouse through a Virtual Visit thanks to the previous realization of a professional Drone Video and the property Virtual Tour. It is really fundamental to properly present a property, something possible at many kilometers of distance too.
  3. Ilaria’s commitment to the organization of a Virtual Visit – to be more specific, the One to One Virtual Visit – allowed the buyers to “virtually” live their new property.
  4. The huge harmony and teamwork done by Stefano and Ilaria who replied to all the requests of the parties by thinking and acting like a unique group because… unity is strength.

The association of these four decisive elements allowed us to reach a sale that goes over one million euros, while the buyers had no “personally” visited the home yet.

Those clients, in order to have another point of view, asked to a friend of them to visit the house.

However… the clients had already taken a decision, right because for the reasons we just told you.

We would like to close this article with a “small detail”:

the final deed of sale of “Paradiso Su Todi” has been officially signed in October 2020 but… the new owners could personally see their new home in March 2021 because of the lockdown in Argentine.

This proves that, with the GE Virtual Visits, distances no longer exist!

You cannot visit your dreaming property in person? Keep on with your dream: thanks to Great Estate and its innovative “Virtual Visits” project, this will be possible!

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