The New York Times chooses Great Estate

The New York Times chooses Great Estate

Great Estate Network Nov 09, 2017 No Comments

The prestigious American newspaper has published a piece about the new American trend of choosing overseas location to buy their second home: when it comes to talk about Umbria and Tuscany, the writer mentions Great Estate as relevant agency.

Great Estate Immobiliare opens the fall season with a huge satisfaction: the New York Times, authoritative American journal, famous and recognized all over the world, names the Tuscan group within one of its articles, bringing lustre and an incomparable sounding board to the brand leaded by Stefano Petri.

The piece gave a general view of the last American trends connected to the overseas locations chosen for the purchase of a second home. Tuscany and Umbria were included among the favourite destinations for US citizens. Considering this, the Times journalist mentioned our agency, including it in fact in the Olimpo of the international real estate agencies.

Analysing the article in detail, we see that the Americans have been recently started to embrace a typical European tradition: spending weekends and holidays abroad, mostly in countryside locations. Actually, more than 4 million Americans live elsewhere and many others have bought their holiday home outside the USA. Among the most popular areas for the US citizens, the New York Times mentions Western Ireland, the counties surrounding London, the Loire valley in France and, clearly, our “Bel Paese”. In particular, they refer to Tuscany and Umbria: while the first is always at the top of the favourite destinations for its dream landscapes and its food and wine, the second is gaining increasingly consideration, being “The green heart of Italy”, rich in woods, natural beauties, farmhouses and rustics, and also being more affordable than the near Tuscany.

One more important achievement for the international team lead by the CEO Stefano Petri and composed of about 80 professionals. Thanks to this global success, Great Estate confirms itself as leading agency for sale and purchase of prestigious properties in our Country, aiming to become the representative company for all the international clientele that wants to invest in Italy.

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