Our agent Giacomo Buonavita and the sale of “Il Poggio del Sole”

Our agent Giacomo Buonavita and the sale of “Il Poggio del Sole”

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The impressions of the key players of the recent sale that Great Estate finalised in Città Della Pieve, in Umbria: a few words from the agent Giacomo Buonavita.

“Il Poggio Del Sole”

– Hi Giacomo and..congratulations for the deserved success! Please tell us how you got to know the property “Il Poggio del Sole”.

– The owners proposed me this property while they were already collaborating with other agencies. It was their family home, in which their parents used to live, so clearly it had a great sentimental value, even though it hadn’t been used in the last years.After a first evaluation, we agreed on the conditions and then started a sale contract in 2013.

– We know that Great Estate follows a very structured process for the acquisition of properties. What was your work during this first phase of approaching the client and the property?

– We always follow the same defined and structured steps to achieve the sale of a property, and this time was no different: first of all, it’s fundamental to determine the market value, through the elaboration of a detailed evaluation. I remember that at the beginning the owners had a very different sale price on their mind. That’s why I decided to acquire the property a year later, when the owners understood the actual market situation.

– Did the property immediately win the interest of potential buyers?

– After the agreement on the price, during the last four years, many interested potential buyers visited the property. Certainly, due to the negative contraction of the market and the constant increase of sale offers, the owners decided to refresh the initial request with some focused price reductions, always sharing and discussing these decisions with me. Actually, I also suggested them to remove all the personal items from the house and to keep on the ordinary maintenance of the outdoor spaces (and for this I want to thank Antonio for the very good job!). This allowed the potential buyers to always see a well-maintained, clean and tidy house, even though no one was living there.

– Was there a decisive moment? How did you get to start the negotiation?

– During the last 6 months, in which the property had reached an interesting quality/dimension/price ratio, we assisted to an increasingly interest from potential buyers, that lead us to actually get a tangible purchase offer in august.

– How was the cooperation with the buyers’ consultants, Stefano Calafà and Gregorio Badessi?

– As always, it was extremely positive and perfectly coordinated during the most important steps of the negotiation.

Great Estate services for those who want to sell their luxury property are various and structured. According to you, regarding the sale of “Il Poggio del Sole”, which of them was decisive?

– In spite of a limited advertising visibility (the owners decided not to share a marketing plan with Great Estate), the strength of the group allowed the achievement of the sale. The number of internal professionals and the huge portfolio of clients, combined with the use of efficient IT systems, ensured that the sale offer was shown to many potential buyers who, as a result, asked to visit the property.

– Do you think the owners were satisfied with Great Estate group’s work and yours?

– Absolutely yes! The sellers were really satisfied with our work and they expressed their compliments to me and in general to Great Estate organization. Our group has by now become a point of reference for the Italian real estate landscape. Our constant successes demonstrate that thanks to an important, perfectly organized teamwork, combined with huge marketing investments, the sale of a property is an achievable goal in the short to medium term with Great Estate.

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