The perfect example of how to build a relationship of trust and respect with a remote client

The perfect example of how to build a relationship of trust and respect with a remote client

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The testimony of Alison Taylor, American Airlines Chief Customer Officer and new owner of “Villa Martinozza Di Sopra”: Great Estate and Roberto Biggera are an example of efficiency and a structured method.

Today we are pleased to share with you the testimony of Alison Taylor, Chief Customer Officer of American Airlines, who with the support of Great Estate’s international consultant Roberto Biggera, last year bought the wonderful “Villa Martinozza Di Sopra”, near Lake Trasimeno.

A testimony that fills us with pride!
In fact, during a training course on sales leadership during the pandemic held by Alison to her 1,200 employees, our client specifically referred to the services deployed in this regard by Great Estate – in particular Virtual Visits – as an example of efficiency and structured method to build a relationship of trust remotely with clients.

Here is an excerpt from the letter Alison sent to Great Estate’s CEO, Stefano Petri.

“Currently, I manage a team of over 10,000 members worldwide: I am responsible for my company, American Airlines, customer initiatives, lounges, reservations, customer relations, sales, marketing, product development, AA Vacations and digital.

My husband Simon and I bought “Villa Martinozza Di Sopra” with the support of the Great Estate team, and more specifically, of Roberto.

At the end of 2019 I was in contact with two other real estate agencies, and I visited some of their properties. However, I also contacted Great Estate through your website, because I was interested in one of your proposals.

Roberto answered me promptly!
I was so impressed that I decided to communicate to the other two agencies that I would no longer work with them.

It was impressive to work with him, so much so that, during a training course I was conducting on sales leadership during the pandemic, I used Roberto as an example:
the perfect example of how to build a relationship of trust and respect with a client while working remotely.

As I pointed out to my team, Roberto was:

  • Quick to understand our real estate needs, as well as to seek solutions to our needs as Australian buyers.
  • Punctual in always providing clear and detailed answers to each question.
  • Honest and fair in providing us with all information about the properties.
  •  Ready and efficient in using different methods of communication, not just email, such as WhatsApp, GoPro, FaceTime, Video Conference etc.  
  • Proactive in putting us in touch with other professionals, very useful to us for the purchase of the villa.
  • Fast and precise in delivering the various documents that we needed exactly on schedule.

In addition, Roberto was always well informed, flexible, patient, friendly and never arrogant, never exaggerating with his promises.

He has always worked hard so that both, us buyers, and the seller, could achieve the best result. His communications have always made us feel at ease, especially in buying the villa even before having been able to see it in person.

Personally, I find it very pleasant to receive compliments from our customers on my team!

I hope that with my testimony, it is the same for you at Great Estate.”
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