The property crisis eases – 73 New Skyscrapers built in 2013

The property crisis eases – 73 New Skyscrapers built in 2013

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2013 has been a great year for the building and construction of skyscrapers around the world with 73 being completed, less than the 81 built in 2011 (the year that holds the record for the most built).

Perhaps the slight fall in new buildings in 2012 was the last remnant of the financial crisis of 2008 and 2014 begins with a little glimmer of hope of recovery” according to the annual report by the “Council on tall buildings and urban habitat“, which annually reviews the trends of global tall buildings.

Of the 73 buildings constructed in 2013 12 have joined the list of the 100 tallest buildings in the world. It also notes the changes in the geographical landscape with Asia as the leader in the construction of new buildings.

For example, 53 skyscrapers were built in China last year in 22 different cities.

Even the highest build of the year is in the Far East, the second tower of the Marriot Marquis hotel in Dubai which is 355 metres in height.

It is a strange but true that only one of the 73 skyscrapers is located in the United States, in New York, while in smaller countries like Panama, two new buildings were completed bringing the total to 19, all of which have been built in the last five years.

Europe 2013 saw 2 skyscrapers completed: the Shard and the Mercury both in London. The first, designed by Renzo Piano, at 306 metres, is the tallest building in Europe.

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