The sale of Il Giardino Con Vista: The satisfaction of Chiara Pompili

The sale of Il Giardino Con Vista: The satisfaction of Chiara Pompili

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Among the sales signed by Great Estate in 2023, “Il Giardino Con Vista” tells the story of a family made happy thanks to the accuracy, method and willingness to listen, of our consultant Chiara Pompili.


After living between the USA and Great Britain for work for 15 years, the Geraci’s returned to Italy in 2020. 

They were looking for a property on the border of Southern Tuscany and Umbria, ready to be inhabited, located in the historic center or in any case well connected. Mr. Geraci is a professor at La Sapienza University of Rome.

They contacted us in January 2021 because they were interested in visiting two of our properties, L’Olivazzo and Il Giardino Con Vista, both in the historic center of Chiusi (SI).

Thus, we organized our first visit on January 22nd and 23rd, during which the Geraci’s also wanted to view three other properties of interest.

All the residences had in common the location and the easy connection with the Chiusi station, but each had specific peculiarities such as the internal distribution, the panorama, the typology and the degree of restructuring and maintenance.

“At the end of this first round of visits, I immediately had the feeling that the clients were already clear that Il Giardino Con Vista was the closest property to what they were really looking for.”

From Chiara Pompili, Great Estate consultant in charge of the Cetona office who managed this beautiful sale with passion and method. 


Chiara’s particular attention to her clients’ requests, has resulted in the search for numerous properties similar to those desired, and with a detailed analysis of the market data relating to the properties managed by Great Estate in the area of Chiusi.

The data showed that the value of the most interesting property for the Geraci’s, Il Giardino Con Vista, was really in line and represented a good investment, in relation to the characteristics sought and the territory.

Our clients have had the precious opportunity to be guided in their choice both by following their wishes, and by scrupulously analyzing the technical and economic aspects.

A home equipped with all comforts, with a large living space, tavern, hobby room and 3 bedrooms to comfortably accommodate a family with children.

The panoramic position offers sensational views, an exclusive advantage for a property in the historic center, as well as the presence of a garage and a lovely private garden.

On January 29th, just 7 days after the first inspection, the clients signed the purchase proposal. 

The sale of Il Giardino Con Vista has once again demonstrated how important values such as correctness, professionalism and availability are in Great Estate. 

We understand how essential it is to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and respect all of their needs during the buying and selling process, offering not only our services, but also and above all, all the reassurances that are necessary for the peaceful continuation of a negotiation.

I am really happy that a new family has become part of the community of the town of Chiusi, which has so much to offer in terms of hospitality, history, landscape and flavors.. 

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