The works at the farmhouse in Tuscany

The works at the farmhouse in Tuscany

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A 1stMay lunch organized by the Great Estate partners.

The attention toward the clients is fundamental during every phase of the negotiation: a lunch with Great Estate confirms it. It was done at a farmhouse purchased by an US client in Tuscany.

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The purchasing of a property in the South of Tuscany, in San Casciano Dei Bagni, was a great occasion to remember the Great Estate Immobiliare vision: once the negotiation is closed, the group keeps following the client by suggesting him/her about the most correct choices to take, as well as about the possible renovation works to do. Indeed, we can boast of a large professional network (architects, engineers, etc.).

Moreover, there is also a very strong harmony among Great Estate and its partners who cooperate to satisfy the requests of every client. 

It is sufficient to think about this lunch, done in occasion of the Labour Day and organized by Iproject srl and Arte Del Restauro, which are dealing with the renovation of a prestigious farmhouse purchased by an US client.


It was not just a way to monitor the state of the almost concluded works, it was also and above all a way to underline the strong cooperation among the different parties involved into a great real estate project.

So, to the office work, a “human” element of the agency aimed to create a strong relationship with the partners and clients stands too.

Maria Letizia Vigorito.

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