Villa Del Molino: timeless details

Villa Del Molino: timeless details

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From being an aristocratic residence to a prestigious villa in the Mugello countryside, the ancient charm of a residence with a Renaissance flavor and unmistakable details of the Medici era.

“Villa Del Molino” is an ancient residence of noble charm dating back to 1450, located in the Tuscan countryside of Mugello, a territory where, according to some historical sources, we find the origins of the ancient noble Medici family.

And in fact, “Villa Del Molino” has preserved over time distinctive features reminiscent of the Medici villas of Mugello, both UNESCO World Heritage sites.

These characteristics were not missed by our consultant Claudia Turco, who has dealt with the acquisition of the villa. Since the first inspection of the property, Claudia immediately noticed in “Villa Del Molino” some architectural and decorative features typical of Renaissance villas. A research conducted in collaboration with the owners confirmed the ancient origins of the first construction, of which the details that we are showing you today have been wisely preserved.

The historical roots of an exclusive residence

The first and most famous Medici Villas of Trebbio and Cafaggiolo have an imposing fortified appearance and their function was originally to control the agricultural lands of the area. With the passing of time, these and many other residences of the same category were subjected to major changes and restorations, to become real country villas for short family stays, as well as exclusive locations for intellectual and artistic gatherings.

We can therefore imagine that the ancient owners of “Villa Del Molino” were landowners, affiliated with a noble Tuscan family, who wanted to show off in their residence the symbols of that cultural elite to which perhaps they belonged: the embodiment of new post-medieval political, economic and aesthetic ambitions. 

Precious testimonies, in architecture and materials, emblems of the noble residence of the Renaissance that have crossed the centuries to reach the present day. 

Entering the fascinating hall of “Villa Del Molino”, we are immediately struck by the noble emblem located at the center of the characteristic travertine fireplace, whose shape recalls the unmistakable Medici heraldry.

Another emblem also appears on the fireplace upstairs, in the master bedroom, where a crown, symbol of nobility, dominates a checkered flag, probably a reference to the ancient flag of the city of Pistoia.

Another stylistic peculiarity that we find in “Villa Del Molino” is the painting of the exterior of the house: plastered surfaces painted in a dominant white. 

Other typical decorations are the capitals in pietra serena (grey stone), which frame the doors and the windows of the residence.

Going out, in the magnificent park of the villa, we admire the elegant fountain, an exquisite detail that embellishes the outdoor spaces.

“Villa Del Mulino” is an exclusive residence that, thanks to the excellent conservative restoration, has been able to maintain unchanged over time the original elements and materials of the magnificent mansions of the Renaissance period.

If “Villa Del Molino” has attracted your attention and you would like to receive more information, visit the property page or contact us.

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