2016 – the Great Estate positive trend is still increasing

2016 – the Great Estate positive trend is still increasing

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2016 data still confirm the validity of our winning organization and methodology.

At the end of the year we will surely do a final analyses of 2016. However, it is already possible to see how, at the end of the 2016  third trimester, the head office turnover has increased of more than 20% compared to 2015. The last trimester result will be very important, but the on-going negotiations make us be very optimistic.


2016 buyers were almost international.

We saw how Brexit and the resulting pound devaluation made the English clients’ interests towards Italy decrease. For this reason, we consider a 20-30% decline of it possible. 

Talking about the Russian market too, there is a continuous decreasing of the clients’ interests towards Italy. This is because of the difficult political relationship between Russia and European Union too.

We are closing an important contract with some Russian clients and, unfortunately, we have found some difficulties for the money transferring from Russia to Italy. Moreover, the current Russian economy situation is not so good too. 

Given their strong economies, US and Israeli interest for Italy is an ever-growing one. 

North-Europeans – Dutch, Danish, German, Belgian -, instead, still invest in our country. In the North of Italy, the presence of Swiss and Austrian clients is very strong.  


During the Piedmont office first cooperating year with Great Estate, successes are quite all based precisely on this last clientele category.

The Marche office continues its increasing. It will be a pleasure to tell you about the results achieved at the end of the year.

After just few months, the Apulia office is going to close two negotiations with some international clients. Both the Apulia office and the head one are very proud of that.

Offices of Tuscany, Umbria and Sardinia still maintain their positive trend. We can objectively affirm that the GE Method is a winning and efficient one, and that it will assure the increasing of the group itself.

2016: Continua il Trend Positivo del gruppo immobiliare Great Estate
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