A swimming pool for a perfect farmhouse in Tuscany

A swimming pool for a perfect farmhouse in Tuscany

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A swimming pool created by the Giorgio Rossi construction company with ‘scabas’ travertine from San Casciano dei Bagni

Very often what makes the difference with a Tuscan farmhouse is a swimming pool designed in every detail that perfectly blends in with its surroundings, transforming a simple farmhouse into a holiday villa. A perfect second home in which to retreat from a hectic city life.

This type of work must be carried out by qualified people who have many years experience. A common issue with swimming pools is its maintenance.

Giorgio Rossi, partner with the Great Estate Group, wanted to capture the work carried out on a Tuscan farmhouse in the province of Siena, with a series of photographs. This was the creation of a splendid swimming pool with finishes in ‘scabas’ travertine from San Casciano dei Bagni.

If the work is done properly, it will last a long time, be weather resistant and ensuring moments of true relaxation. A swimming pool must blend harmoniously with its surrounding environment with the use of quality materials that distinguish the property from all the others. For example, using stone walls, marble, terracotta, tec, parquet, mosaics for the internal/external bath. Each element should blend in with the main property. There are various swimming pool designs, shapes and styles, with the Roman, cascading, or a small pond. This is to create prestigious properties with their own precious moments.

From Giorgio’s photographs, you can see the work carried out, before, during and after and see what it really means to have a farmhouse with or without a swimming pool. A perfectly restored farmhouse with panoramic views, nestled in the Siena hills, but without a swimming pool, can’t really be enjoyed. A luxury property not only loses its pleasure of living there but also in its monetary value.

A property on the market without the necessary comforts for a prestigious clientele; like ‘move in’ condition and relaxation areas; do automatically devalue the property and offering the farmhouse at a reasonable price.

Giorgio Rossi’s company, has been working in the construction industry for generations, and has succeeded in many cases, returned an abandoned property back to its original splendor with also the addition of the necessary comforts for today’s real estate market.

Giorgio Rossi: an artisan construction company
Toscana – Siena – Cetona

Here are some of the Great Estate Group’s properties for sale; they will give you some idea of what it means to have a beautiful infinity swimming pool with amazing views.

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