Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Anna Marchettini

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Anna Marchettini

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We present the head of Great Estate’s administrative department: Anna Marchettini.


I graduated in 2011 from the Liceo Linguistico Italo Calvino of Città della Pieve.
In 2015 I obtained a three-year degree in Business Economics, concluding my training path in 2018 with a master’s degree in Political and International Sciences at the University of Siena.
I joined the Great Estate group in 2018, managing the company’s accounting from the very beginning.
I am a punctual, optimistic, responsible and curious person, and after years of studies, I decided it was time to embark on a professional path.
Entering the world of Great Estate as my first experience immediately seemed like a great challenge: I love to question myself and I am always trying to improve….never settle!


In Great Estate I am in charge of accounting and organizational support.
It’s a role I’ve always dreamed of playing.
It requires a lot of responsibility, openness to change, constant updating to optimize one’s work and, above all, passion!
In essence, I check deadlines, consult updates on administrative matters and bank transactions, thus keeping the company’s finances under control.
In addition to this, I carry out regular checks on the development of the company financial statements, thanks also the great support of the Capeglioni-Pimpolari associated studio.

Great Estate has many activities and there are many projects to enhance, examine and perfect.

The relationship with colleagues is wonderful and the air you breathe is familiar, even if confidentiality and professionalism are very important in our work. Quality that I immediately noticed in Great Estate.


The values that the Great Estate group carries forward, thanks to the proactive and overwhelming direction of Stefano Petri, our CEO, are undeniable. I can say that it’s really rare to find a company that manages to carry on strong values, able to “aggregate” and make office work more beautiful and stimulating, with the constant drive to do better and create an even more cohesive climate stronger.

As for our working method, it is also by far the most advanced that can be found in the world of work and in the real estate sector.

I can testify firsthand that, since arriving at Great Estate, I have been able to see how much the group is supported by an intuitive, well-organized method with an organizational chart divided by activity and task. In particular, each professional with their skills covers a specific role and everything is carried out in full harmony, with a great saving of time and above all great effeciency.

It’s difficult to convey in words, I know, but in Great Estate values and method are linked by a thin thread that unites them in a single large “universe”, where we professionals carry out all the work activities within our competence every day.


In Great Estate there are always many active projects and as manager of the administration and general accounting department, I often encounter unforseen events that turn into opportunities and objectives for the future.

For example, I am now developing two major projects.
The development of a structured reality for property management, a truly important project that will allow us to follow our clients in the after-sales and tourist rentals, and the Partner Project, which will allow us to create a network of professionals capable of providing a a system of services for our clients.

There are many other challenges in my immediate future: tenders to obtain resources, checks and controls on multiple tax and accounting aspects, optimization of human resources and constant training.

Finally, my department is expanding and for this reason I am personally involved in the search for a new resource.


Keep calm and … we are working!



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