Agency network project Stefano Petri: sharing Great Estate’s Values to become a partner

Agency network project Stefano Petri: sharing Great Estate’s Values to become a partner

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Edited by Alessandra Conforti

During 2014 one of the objectives of Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group is to further expand its borders, networking with an increasing number of agencies that have agreed to share the Group’s values, by becoming affiliating partners in the “Agency Network” project.

Great Estate was founded in the years 1999-2001’ explains Stefano Petri, CEO of the Great Estate real estate group, “The birth of this organization in a time of such great change even within these “historic couple of years”, immediately influenced the business work model

The focus of the agency then was on the international market, as the name suggests..?

Exactly. Since its start, the name has strongly influenced an international market based on our core values of professionalism, fairness and, over time, availability

How has the Group grown over the years?

“By basing our business model on our three core value pillars of (professionalism, integrity and availability

. This has been developed by seeking international clients who appreciate our beautiful Tuscany, by focusing on our values of fairness and professionalism.
On this basis the company has developed, step by step, by watching with great interest the latest IT technology that could be beneficial to our clients and the real estate industry as a whole, and as always with our policy to offer accurate and professional advice)
By what means did you develop the company?

One of the first tasks I undertook was the creation of a management system, which I think is one of the strengths of the organization. This sets out the steps required for the management of buyers and especially sellers and their properties; this standardized methodology is based on all of the core values we believe in. This also gives immediate contact with an increasing number of both domestic and international players

This has allowed you to grow exponentially?

Every day we try to improve every part of the working model leading to results that, over time, have allowed Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, after 15 years of development and experience, to be, without doubt, one of the strongest Italian real estate agencies with a leading presence in the international market. We have challenged the reality of the market head on which perhaps we could not have done if we did not have such a good business model. Over the last 10-20 years, everything has changed

Then, in 2014, there is the new ‘Agency Network” project?

Yes, our goal is to share our core values of fairness, professionalism and availability and our IT technology and communications with a target of fifty agencies by 2014. The agencies will become area spokespersons on how rewarding and pleasant it is to work with those values of fairness, professionalism and availability. Moreover, only by sharing in these core values and methodology will other agencies be allowed to become partner and spokespersons for the project. So within GREAT ESTATE, already inherent in the name, are the concepts of prestige, quality and high standard of services.
We are confident that the GREAT ESTATE project can also be taken as a moral example for the management of a company that serves to share the beauty of our country to all clients, domestic and international, who have been approached with love and respect
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