The Argentario coast: a paradise of beaches to find out

The Argentario coast: a paradise of beaches to find out

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The Argentario coast is a promontory rich of typical small towns, nature and sea: a journey across the most fascinating beaches.

Walking through alleys and narrow paths surrounded by green, we can reach beautiful bays and take a dip in the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. However, which are the best beaches of the Argentario coast?

The first we suggest you is Giannella. It is the most northern Argentario mound, a few kilometers to Porto Santo Stefano. Here, it is possible to find several little restaurants by the sea where you can taste seafood dishes or do sports such as sailing.

Moreover, its fine sand and sea beds that softly descend make this beach perfect for the families.

Among the most beautiful beaches on the Argentario coast, Cala Del Gesso deserves a special place too: white sand and very clear water. We remind you that, right in this piece of paradise, Great Estate recently closed a very important sale.

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Cala del Gesso can be reached through an arduous path, but it is worth it for the beauty of its cove. It is composed by small pebbles and it is located in front of the little island of Argentarola. On the right cliff, it is possible to see the ruins of a 16th century Spanish watchtower.

Moreover, we remember you the Feniglia beach, which is part of a great pine forest, perfect for amazing walks. Another one is Cacciarella, particularly appreciated by subs because it allows to admire fantastic sea beds and the near Turco cave. There is also Cala Grande, where it is possible to swim and admire the gorgeous landscape also from your own boat.

If you are a sub, you can’t miss Cala Piccola, a little pebbles beach in front of the well-known coral cliff, that grows up from 45 meters under the sea level until few meters above the surface offering a unique sight.

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Even if there would be a lot more to tell, we conclude saying that a visit to the Bagni di Domiziano is a must. It is a little sandy beach, situated on the right side of the road that conduces to Porto Santo Stefano, at the foot of the ancient Domizi Enobarbi Villa (the name of emperor Nerone’s family). Even today, during the low tide, the ancient fish tanks ruins arise from the sea; you can also see the ruins of an ancient roman villa (36 b.C.). Here, the sea bottom decreases softly: for this reason, the beach is suitable for children.

However, to explore the promontory with all its beaches and find out the hidden small islands, we suggest you to rent a boat in Porto Santo Stefano or in Porto Ercole.

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On the other hand, if you prefer to visit the cities, there are the beautiful Orbetello, location of an antique market during the summer, Porto Santo Stefano (read our article) and Porto Ercole that represent a pleasant break between your sea baths, thanks to the typical restaurants.

You should visit the Giglio Island too: a not to be missed destination that you can reach via ferry boat in about an hour from Porto Santo Stefano.

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