Behind the Magazine: Chiara Peppicelli, the Magazine Coordinator

Behind the Magazine: Chiara Peppicelli, the Magazine Coordinator

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The true engine of the GE Magazine, in addition to pen and censor behind every article: Chiara Peppicelli is telling us her experience as Manager Coordinator. She is going to analyze the role of this communication tool within the GE strategy.
  • Chiara, you are the GE Magazine Coordinator, probably the one who knows it better. First of all, how did you start your work in this project? Did you like it immediately?

I started with the GE Magazine in 2016 when its structure was completely different from the current one.

A decisive change of course happened with the cooperation of the web-company named Engine Lab. Thanks to their suggestions and support, the GE Magazine has become a blog through which telling the whole GE World.

Giving this premise, I would like to underline that, since the Magazine was re-structured with the support of Engine Lab, this new project has really amazed me. In a certain way, I can affirm that – today – the GE Magazine represents my small little creature.

  • Writing articles is not easy: commitment, knowledge, and curiosity are just some of the features needed. What do you think about your role as a journalist?

I took a degree in Law at the University of Florence, so I had a humanistic education. I always loved Italian and all its shades. It was precisely by dealing with the GE Magazine that I understood its potentialities and opportunities.

Probably it was the reason why I felt so good in starting – even if not as a professional – the role of a journalist.

Surely, writing in a correct and efficient way in order to catch the attention of our readers is not so easy. In these regards, the professionals of Engine Lab had thought me a lot. In this way, I could improve my work. Obviously, I still have a lot to learn and, how can we say, it is possible – I would say, it is mandatory – to improve.

Research and the achievement of a constant improvement represents a must of Great Estate, and it is precisely what I want to do while managing “my” Magazine!

  • How do you organize the editorial calendar of the Magazine? Which are the main themes?

As already said, the purpose of the online Magazine of Great Estate is the one of making all its readers discover “the GE World”:

Indeed, it is possible to read articles about current news, lifestyle, real estate, activities, services, and successes of the Group. The interviews with our consultants and with the clients who entrusted themselves to us for the sale or purchase of their property, as well as important information concerning the real estate negotiations.

  • One of the most important parts of this work is the information collection: what can you tell us about it?

Obviously, it depends on what you have to write.

Let we say that, in the majority of the cases, I collect the info I need from the professionals of the Group: I am thinking about the articles about our sales, the interviews with our consultants, as well as the news tools and services offered by the Group to all its clients – which is, in the GE Magazine, what we call “GE World”.

Then, obviously, another great quantity of information comes from our clients: through their interview, we try to make them tell us their experience with Great Estate.

Finally, talking about the real estate news or the lifestyle contents, the tools I use are the web and… my curiosity!

  • The clients’ stories are among the most popular articles. It often happens that you have to interview them. Which is the sensation you feel while aware that Great Estate has changed the lives of these people?

Among the different interviews I made, some were really touching: not just because of the enthusiasm transmitted, but especially for the great professionalism, fairness, and helpfulness that characterized the professionals of GE, something that our clients confirm us every day. A huge satisfaction for each and every one of them and, in my opinion, an ideal business card for future clients!

  • Tell us something more about your relationship with the consultants: do they support you in this path?

Their contribution and cooperation and fundamental: they, right as the clients, are the main protagonists of every sale made by the Group.

This is the reason why a constantly demand them to provide me with all the info I could need to create those specific articles addressed to the sales or the interviews with our professionals.

Luckily, all our consultants are always very busy in managing the clients and doing property visits but… I have to do my work! So, sometimes, I can also become very insistent!

For this reason, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole GE Team for their kind cooperation!

  • Since 2017 and with the support of Engine Lab, the GE Magazine has been completely “renovated”. What do you think about this change? Was it positive? How is your relationship with Engine Lab?

As already told you at the beginning, the intervention of Engine Lab on our Magazine allowed it to become a decisive and useful communication tool, something that – in my opinion – every company should have.

In this regard, I have to recognize the important investment that the whole GE Group did and keeps doing on our Magazine.

In this field, this is not something so granted, even if the objectives of the Group and its funder, Mr. Stefano Petri, have always been reasoned and important.

Personally, I am sure that, in order to reach this kind of goals, our Magazine represents – to date – a great vision.

Providing original and qualitative contents is very expensive, but also characterizing and essential.

Indeed, thanks to our Magazine, we have the possibility to let the whole organization and goals of Great estate been known. But this is not all:

Telling the many and important sales done during the years, our professionals’ commitment and work, as well as our clients’ satisfaction and gratitude represent that edge on the other. In this way, Great Estate can definitively confirm itself as a solid reality and decisive referring point into the Real Estate.

The staff of Engine Lab had a fundamental role, not just for your Magazine, but also for the promotional activity and the web visibility of our website, as well as the presence on the social media – today the base for every activity – by proving its helpfulness (and patience) since the beginning of our cooperation.

  • What do you see in the future of the Magazine? Is there any news that you want to introduce us?

I think that the GE Magazine is going to become even more dynamic and open to the different changes required.

After all, the recent events we are assisting are proving us how the world in general, as well as the real estate, are subjected to changings.

Some examples?

To the “most traditional” interviews (with the consultants, GE professionals, and clients), we are now approaching the video interviews, more interesting and attractive for an ever-running world.

Moreover, we also have the aim of using the Magazine to guide the reader in learning all the steps concerning the negotiation of a prestigious property.


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