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We are looking for prestigious properties in Umbria

The best advertisement is the one given by the results we reached during the years and that prove the satisfaction of all those who entrusted themselves to Great Estate. Represented by important national and international people, our target makes us

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Forbes magazine talks about Saint Barth Colony, celebrating the beautiful work of the design studio

A nice article recently appeared in Forbes magazine by Gary Walther in which he talks about the great work by the Saint Barth Colony design studio. We talk to Emanuela Miani. “A nice article recently appeared in Forbes magazine in

Saint Barth Colony flies into new showroom in the city of angels

Alessandra Conforti Saint Barth Colony, the prestigious Umbrian design firm has opened a new showroom in Los Angeles, USA. Located in the prestigious La Brea Avenue, a street well known for its shops, youthful spirit and attention to fashion, the

Mortgages – the request is still increasing

According to the Crif (centrale rischi finanziari) data, the positive trend regarding the loans requests is still increasing. Indeed, compared to 2014, October 2015 saw an important growth of the credit requests aimed to the purchasing of a home: mortgages

The works at the prestigious farmhouse in Tuscany recently sold by Great Estate

On the 1st of May, Great Estate partners organized a lunch in one of our recently sold farmhouses in San Casciano dei Bagni. The attention towards the clients is fundamental during every phase of the negotiation: a lunch with Great

Organic farm and its characteristics

To be recognized an organic farm must meet a lot of rigid requirements. Organic farming and livestock of cattle are two important aspects of modern food production that were significantly established at Expo2015 in Milan. An important aspect of concern

A farm-organic estate of constant income

Intelligent investments in energy production from agricultural and forestry biomass. The production of renewable energy with zero impact was one of the hot topics of Expo2015and an investment in the energy production from renewable sources is a guaranteed success due

“Palazzetto Del Giglio”, a prestigious residence in the core of Turin, in the Cit-Turin district

The interview to Vito De Carlo, the “Palazzetto Del Giglio” owner, a Turin property for sale with Great Estate. Let’s talk about “Palazzetto Del Giglio”, a Liberty residence created during the early ‘90s. Which is its history? “Palazzetto Del Giglio”

Internet, new media and the Great Estate Group:property online

These new means of communication are a very good way to publicise property on the world market. The internet today is used by many companies, including the Great Estate Group; it’s a must to succeed in the world’s largest and

The most beautiful cities on the Bolsena Lake – what to visit

If you decided to spend your holiday at the Bolsena Lake, do not miss the occasion to visit the cities around it, full of history and culture. Today, we are going to do a tour of the towns surrounding the

The Russians and Chinese are buying in Italy; what is the clientele looking for?

There is a lot of discussion about opening up new real estate markets in Russia and China, as potential new investors and buyers, but who are they? and what do they want? And above all, how do we reach these

Interview with Deborah Warin.Why rely on n Great Estate & Chesterton real estate

Alessandra Conforti Deborah Ross Warin tells us about her love for Italy whom shares with her husband Francis John Ambrosio, and describes the story of their apartment in Cetona-Tuscany, that they recently bought. “How did you find “Great Estate &

The Real Estate vs crisis, how to choose the right agency

Talking about the real estate, we also spoke a lot about the crisis, the different agencies which had to close and the great possibilities the clients have. According to “Il Sole 24 Ore”, the selection is every day more difficult,

Creating houses from the cars scraps – the real estate revolution

How to used the “scraps” of the car industry to make a city reborn. This is the idea of the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI), a no-profit association from Detroit which started a plan to recover the abandoned urban areas

The agency network project continues. All the professionalism of the group serving clients

In today’s ever-changing world it is essential to evolve and bend so that you are able to offer new services to the market. Even the real estate sector is not immune to this business reality, especially in the difficult economic

Agency network project Stefano Petri: sharing Great Estate’s Values to become a partner

Edited by Alessandra Conforti During 2014 one of the objectives of Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group is to further expand its borders, networking with an increasing number of agencies that have agreed to share the Group’s values, by

The Great Estate Group seels a charming farmhouse in the Cetona countryside, in the beautiful province of Siena.

Today we are interviewing Mr. Vittorio Lovo Ippolito  who instructed the Great Estate Group with the sale of his property which was sold only a few days ago in CETONA (SI) in TUSCANY We know that the sale was completed