The sale of “La Perla Cetonese”: a negotiation managed in the best way possible

The sale of “La Perla Cetonese”: a negotiation managed in the best way possible

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Giacomo Buonavita, the real estate consultant of “La Perla Cetonese” sellers – a sale signed last September – tells us about his impressions.


I met the vendors thanks to some friends of ours. They are a couple from Cetona. We may define Mr. Bennati as a true “Cetonese D.O.C.”!

They purchased the property at the beginning of the ‘90s. After a complete renovation, they used it as their main family residence.

The property was on the market with other agencies too. For this reason, the first assignment for sale they gave us was a free one, without any specific marketing plan.

In order to keep the vendors up to date about their property, I have always used The Best Price system. I wanted them to understand the objective value of their home: our system has offered them a realistic and true economic frame of the market.


First of all, its location: strategic, in a walk distance from the town centre and really panoramic, able to offer an incredible view of the whole hamlet. Second, the renovation quality and the great state of maintenance of the whole property: indeed, thanks to the ex-owners, the house has constantly presented itself in the best way possible.

Finally, the privacy guaranteed by the large land around the home, where an amazing swimming pool stands too (discover the property here).


This negotiation went in the best way possible and, if compared to the moment of the offer presentation, was closed in a very short time. Having passed some years from the entering of the property in the market, the seller really wanted to sell it. Moreover, they were also aware of the real market values, something I think was possible thanks to our constant consultancy too.


I want to thank the vendors for the kindness, fondness, and willingness they proved to me from the very first moment.

It has been a real pleasure to have had the possibility of supporting you in this important step of your life.

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