“Podere San Sebastiano”: an (almost) all-female sale!

“Podere San Sebastiano”: an (almost) all-female sale!

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During the sale of “Podere San Sebastiano”, the GE consultant Suzanne Van Ravenstein managed the buyers: her satisfaction with the closing of a so complex process that has been reached through incredible teamwork.

My first contacts with the buyers – a couple from Holland – date back to 2016. Mrs. Cinquini, even if living in the Netherlands, comes from Sardinia.

My clients had a very clear idea of the property they were looking for: a historic residence in Umbria, with an olive grove and the possibility to make Mrs. Cinquini become a professional farmer as well.

Podere San Sebastiano” was the right one!

Indeed, in 2017, they came back to Italy hoping to purchase this property. They signed an offer with us but then, because of some important personal problems, they decided to take a break.

Recently, when the situation was restored, they decided to do another offer including also a company-shares transferring. The vendors accepted it. It was a very long and complicated process which I – as a real estate consultant – had to face for the very first time.

As probably Giacomo Migni – my colleague – has already said to you (read here his article), we had to resolve many difficulties, especially for obtaining all the accounting papers needed.

The negotiation was pretty complex but, thanks to the incredible teamwork done, we were finally able to reach the objective “sale”. The final deed of sale of the property was signed on August, 9th: it was really an all-female one!

Indeed, we all were women: the sellers – Susana and Maria Jolanda Rios Tapia – and the buyer – Cristina Peterse Cinquini –, the Notary – Grazia Cherubini – and the vendors’ accountant – Silvia Romizi –, the buyer’s lawyer and consultant and me, the buyer’s real estate consultant.

It was so nice for me to “discover” that women are so well represented in the area.

Suzanne Van Ravenstein

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