Mrs. Di Capua and “La Perla Cetonese”: a true love at first sight

Mrs. Di Capua and “La Perla Cetonese”: a true love at first sight

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We interviewed Mrs. Daniela Di Capua. On September, 28th 2019, Mrs. Di Capua purchased an elegant residence in the countryside near the Tuscan hamlet of Cetona: La Perla Cetonese.

Welcome Daniela, congratulations on the purchasing of your new and charming home: La Perla Cetonese! The whole GE team wishes you and your family all the best!

Why did you decide to purchase a property in Tuscany and, to be more specific, in Cetona? Did you already know it? What do you like the most of this area?

We have been dreaming about the purchasing of a country estate in Tuscany for years. For this reason, we alternated our researches between the areas of Pietrasanta and the one closer to Rome. I already knew the Val Di Chiana area and the province of Terni, but not Cetona.

It has been a great discovery: it is not just rich in amazing landscapes, but it also offers incredible services and quality of life. Moreover, it is near the train station in Chiusi and Rome.

How did you discover Great Estate?

The GE website has been one of the many we visited to look for our dream property. Once we signed to your newsletter in, you immediately stood for the quality of the properties you offer out.

Roberto Biggera was your GE trusted consultant. Why – for your research – did you entrust yourself to him?

In the beginning, we met him because of our interest in one of the properties we noticed on your website. After that, we chose to entrust ourselves to him because of the professionalism, kindness, and wildness (including during the weekends) he proved us. He immediately understood what we were looking for. So, he planned every property visit we could have needed. We visited about 10 properties with him: Roberto did a great property selection before.

Why did you finally decide to purchase “La Perla Cetonese”?

This home represented and still represents everything we were looking for. It is just a kilometer from the center of Cetona, reachable in a walk. Cetona is not just an amazing historic hamlet, but it is also near to the motorway and the Chiusi train station, a very important hub between Rome and Florence.

Moreover, “La Perla Cetonese” (click here to read the property tab) is not isolated. However, even if not too distant from other houses, they are almost invisible: so, it allows you to enjoy almost complete privacy.

Again, the view is something really special!

Finally, the house does not need to be renovated. It offers a beautiful swimming pool while, thanks to the presence of many windows, the rooms are very bright and airy. I think that, probably, this is what made us decide to finally purchase it.

Do you remember your first visit to “La Perla Cetonese”? Which were your impressions?

I perfectly remember it because it happened almost by chance! I asked to visit another home (on the paper, I would have never chosen to visit “La Perla Cetonese” because it is a portion of a very large farmhouse). However, together with the two houses we requested, Roberto brought us to visit it.

It was true love at first sight! Once we entered the cypresses-line road connecting to the farmhouse, I was simply amazed. Then, when we were inside the amazing living room, so large and bright, with its windows and beautiful view on Cetona and Città Della Pieve, I almost moved to tears of joy.  

Why did you decide to purchase this home? How will you use it?

The final goal – that we will try to reach gradually in the time – is to make this farmhouse become our first home.

What can you tell us about the negotiation process? Did you have to face any problem? What do you think about the consultancy you received?

We did not have to face any difficulty: everything was quite easy and managed by your agency. Moreover, even after the final deed of sale, we kept using your post-sale services.

In short, what do you think about your experience with Great Estate?

As already said, Great Estate was able to prove us to be the most reliable agency, able to give us the correct answer to everything we needed. When we experienced the technical, administrative and legal skills of the professionals of your Group, we had no doubts: Great Estate was THE agency to which entrust ourselves to find our dream home.

What do you think about the advertising and communication tools used by GE? In your opinion, is there something we could improve?

I think that the tools used by GE are incredible: your website is attractive and elegant, the property photo-shootings are among the best I have ever seen, while the property brochures offer all the information you could need.

Would you recommend Great Estate to other clients who, as you already did, want to purchase a prestigious property in Italy? If so, why?

Absolutely and, because of the reasons already said, without any doubt!

Daniela Di Capua

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