Marcello Bennati: Great Estate is a cut above the rest!

Marcello Bennati: Great Estate is a cut above the rest!

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Our interview with the ex-owner of “La perla Cetonese”, sold last September by GE and to an Italian client: his thoughts and experience with Giacomo Buonavita.

First of all, we would like to know a little more about you: where do you come from? Where do you live? Which is your job?

I live in Cetona and, when not here, I am in China. I am almost facing my retirement! Anyway, I draw and write books.

When did you purchase “La Perla Cetonese”? Do you have any particular anecdotes about it to tell?

I gladly remember that I used to go there for my math evening-courses: my neighbor’s daughter was really good at it. We used to sit under a mulberry from where we could see the whole hamlet of Cetona: I was completely in love with that panorama. This is precisely why, 25 years later, I decided to purchase that home.

We know that you renovated the house as well. How did the project start? How long were the works?

La Perla Cetonese” was built and furnished “around me”: the pleasure of living in the countryside and my childhood’s dream – well mixed together – have realized themselves into 4 years of works (discover here the property).

Why did you decide to sell it?

Dreams end… when you wake up, you realize to be an old man with very few energies and different needs. The land I used to work become too low for me. In the meantime, other butterflies have been taken a flight around us… and we still chasing other dreams…

Could you please tell us why did you decide to entrust yourself to many agencies for the sale of your property?

I thought that most agencies would have work on my property, the highest possibilities I had to sell it soon: I believed that “more was better than less”!

How long did your property remain on the market? In your opinion, why?

Six years. The reason? A wrong asking price.

How did you discover Great Estate?

I met your group together with the other agencies, but I already knew Stefano Petri.

We know that, during the last years, the selling price of your property has been modified and adjusted according to the market. What do you think about the support of your GE trusted agent Giacomo Buonavita?

He is the best, professional and patient real estate agent I have ever met during my many “real estate adventures”.

Since the very first moment, Giacomo suggested you create a property due diligence. What was your initial opinion about it? And to date, what do you think about it?

I think that everything Giacomo asked me to do has been useful to reach the sale of my home, including so a property due diligence creation.

The buyers were managed by the GE consultant Roberto Biggera: what do you think about his work?

I a word… perfect!

What can you tell us about the buyers? How is your relationship with them?

We talked a lot but not during the negotiation itself, just after the deal closing.

Which were your feelings during the negotiation?

I have always felt well supported.

In your opinion, which are the strengths of Great Estate? Is there something we could improve?

I can affirm that, in my life, I had many and important experiences in the field, but I am glad to say that Great Estate has surely something more than the others!

To conclude, are your wife and you satisfied with Giacomo Buonavita’s work and, more in general, with the one of our Group? Would you recommend it to other clients who, as you did, want to sell prestigious property in Italy?

As already said, Giacomo was incredible… and I have been speaking well of you for a while already.

Marcello Bennati

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