Earth Day Special – The characteristics of a green property

Earth Day Special – The characteristics of a green property

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Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, an opportunity to reflect on how to improve our relationship with the environment. In Italy we are lucky enough to live in harmony with nature, and in our country there are many initiatives for eco-sustainability: here are some tips and ideas that we have collected to inspire a greener lifestyle.

Earth day, promoted by Unesco more than 50 years ago, is a time of year in which numerous initiatives are carried out around the world to promote eco-sustainability and improve man’s relationship with the planet.
With the splendid green landscapes, the pristine stretches of water and the ecosystems on a human scale that our Italian territory gives us, we are aware of how precious nature is, and our living in harmony with it, a sensitivity that is reflected also on daily life and in fact on the house.

In fact, among the characteristics that contribute to raising the value of a prestigious home in Italy, the parameters related to environmental sustainability also take on considerable importance.

In our work there is no shortage of reflections on these issues, which is why, on the occasion of the 52nd Earth Day, we have collected information and useful advice for those who already live in Italy or those thinking of moving, to inspire those in search of a greener lifestyle, in harmony with the nature of our beautiful country.

The Great Estate real estate evaluation and the characteristics of a green property

A strong point of Great Estate consultancy is the assessment of properties with the The Best Price system, which we have talked about in other articles of this Magazine. The assessment allows you to estimate the objective value of a property, taking into account various parameters, with advanced IT tools associated with the verification of our professionals.

In Italy, attention to the environment has a particular influence on this estimate, in fact our system examines some characteristics that can contribute to raising the value of a property, also from the point of view of sustainability. Here are the main green characteristics positively evaluated in prestigious properties:

Plant engineering and management of energy resources

The quality of the systems and energy performance of a property is an important evaluation parameter, strongly influenced by the attention to sustainability. From this point of view, new buildings that are already born with certain requirements and recent restorations, often the subject of interventions aimed at improving these aspects and advancing in the energy class, are favored.

Location and view

From the point of view of those looking for a home, living in a healthy, clean and green environment is one of the top priorities. The value of the position is an important aspect, which takes into account not only the scenic beauty, but also qualitative and functional parameters such as thermal insulation, brightness and exposure: all characteristics that influence consumption and affect quality of life.

Quality of the external environment

In conclusion, a detail that is noticeable from the first visit to a property, and which is of crucial importance in the evaluation, concerns precisely the quality of the surrounding environment. Determining factors are the absence of disturbing elements such as industrial buildings, busy roads, railways and airports, or other infrastructures such as poles and pylons, antennas and power plants.

These characteristics can make all the difference, as we have seen, both for those who want to enhance a prestigious property, and for those who are looking for their dream home.

The landscape is a dominant distinctive element, also being one of the major attractions of the splendid Italian tourist destinations. That is why, in our next in-depth study, we will take you to explore the green destinations of our offices, with some truly surprising curiosities of ecological interest.

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