From Cetona to Città Della Pieve: the sale of “Il Giardino Del Perugino”

From Cetona to Città Della Pieve: the sale of “Il Giardino Del Perugino”

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Do you remember the “mysterious” conclusion of the article in which our consultant, Giacomo Buonavita, told us about the sale of “Il Piccolo Cuore” farmhouse (read here the article)?

I will always gladly remember this incredible working experience… this amazing property allowed us to meet, get to know and work together to realize, talking about the new owners, their dream of a new life in Tuscany and, for the vendors, the one of a new life in the name of relax, new and old friendships:

today, Mrs. Pickles has become the new owner of a stunning historic home in Umbria but this, this is another story…

Some weeks ago, this was the way our consultant, Giacomo Buonavita, ended his tale about one of his last sales, “Il Piccolo Cuore”.

Today, we would like to tell you “the other story” to which our Giacomo referred himself to.

On June, 24th 2019, Mrs. Sheila Pickles, the ex-owner of “Il Piccolo Cuore”, a sale closed just 12 days before, purchased an amazing apartment into the historic centre of Città Della Pieve: “Il Giardino Del Perugino”.

A stunning and large townhouse which has been completely and carefully renovated some years ago. It is located in one of the most traditional alleys characterizing the historical centre of this Umbrian hamlet (discover the property here).

One of its strengths is its amazing panoramic garden from where it is possible to admire the close valley and Tuscan hills.

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As for the sale of “Il Piccolo Cuore”, the new owner, Mrs. Sheila, entrusted herself to Great Estate for the purchasing this property. To be more precise, she entrusted herself to the experience and professionalism of our consultant Giacomo Buonavita.

We met him to discover more details about this recent success.

Giacomo, would you like to tell us how your professional relationship with Mrs. Sheila has improved during the time?

I met the client at the end of 2018 when she contacted me to sell her property in Cetona, “Il Piccolo Cuore” farmhouse. Her objective, at that time already, was moving into Città Della Pieve. From the very first time, we established a mutual trust relationship and it has been a great pleasure for me to work with her.

To be more specific, Mrs. Sheila was looking for a home, possibly independent, whose size had to be “standard” and with a good external private space. For her research, she was focused on an “unique” area: Città Della Pieve. She already knew this town very well: she has many friends living in here.

This brought to the choice of “Il Giardino Del Perugino”, a beautiful townhouse located into the historic centre of Città Della Pieve from where it is possible to enjoy of an amazing garden and a stunning view on the valley.

Mrs. Sheila, how will you use your new home?

It will be her first home. Indeed, Sheila is happily living in Italy for many years now. Moreover, considering its spaces, this house is perfect to host her relatives and friends.

Giacomo, how would you close this short interview?

I would like to underline that I will gladly remember this working experience with Sheila: she is a very special person with who I created a friendship relationship as well. I have always tried to support her with the highest professionalism possible in order to, with the “Il Piccolo Cuore” selling before and the “Il Giardino Del Perugino” purchasing next, avoid any kind of possible problems.

I wish Mrs. Sheila, who is actually living in her new amazing home in Città Della Pieve, all the best!

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