Great Estate & Umbria Domus: another important success

Great Estate & Umbria Domus: another important success

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After the success of “Casa Amelia”, Great Estate and Umbria Domus, one of its partner agencies, have brilliantly closed another sale: “La Finestra Sul Lago”, a farmhouse purchased by a Russian couple managed by the GE consultant Iuliia Sharenko.

“ have the impression of living in an ancient rural farmhouse..”

Probably, this is what the new owners of “La Finestra Sul Lago” farmhouse have thought. This property expresses, in every single detail it has, the traditional Umbrian farmhouses style: built in stone and with a very simple and regular architectonic structure.

Its recent renovation followed the most modern comforts and building techniques possible, but maintaining all the traditional farmhouse features. A really amazing detail are the inner floors, part of which dating back to ‘700.

The property location is beautiful: away from any disturbing element, smog or traffic, this house, located on the slopes of the hill where Civitella Del Lago stands, is immersed into the typical Umbrian colours and landscape, with a breath-taking view on the Corbara lake

For a few weeks now, this charming residence has become the new home of Mrs. Larisa and her family.

This negotiation, officially signed on September, 10th 2019, comes from a perfect synergy between Great Estate and one of its partner agencies, Umbria Domus: as happened for the sale of “Casa Amelia”, in this circumstance too the cooperation between the two structures proved itself to be winning!

If the sellers were managed by Federico Buonaccorsi, the buyers were supported and assisted by Iuliia Sharenko, a GE consultant, in every single step of the negotiation.

Iuliia’s point of view and impressions will be online soon. Stay tuned!

This property has been successfully sold.

To find out the final sale value or search for other similar properties, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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