From Piedmont to the world: the success of Andrea Monti and the partnership with Great Estate

From Piedmont to the world: the success of Andrea Monti and the partnership with Great Estate

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A winning relationship the one between the Monti Real Estate, leaded by Andrea Monti, and the Great Estate Group: this partnership was precisely what allowed the Piedmont agency to open itself towards the great international markets, bringing the beauty and the unicity of the Montferrat Acquese area to the eyes of the world.

“We do not sale properties, we sale the beauty and the quality of the Montferrat Acquese in the world”

With those words, the interview of the Corriere Al to Andrea Monti, the CEO of the Immobiliare Monti Group – operating in the Montferrat since 1982 – has opened. A back and forth about the great transformation of the agency based in Acqui Terme that, from a family reality, become an international group that offers a complete consultation to its clients with exclusive and high-quality services both before and after the sale.

The starting point of this remarkable change was the vision of Andrea Monti about his territory:

We live in a splendid territory which deserves largest stages.

From the thermal to business tourism, the Montferrat Acquese is the perfect location both for an Italian and an international clientele. A global vision which was possible thanks to the partnership with Great Estate:

Surely, the partnership with the Great Estate Network has allowed us to activate some marketing strategies that a small reality could have difficultly realized.

Declared Andrea Monti talking about the collaboration with our Group, which has always been dealing with the high-level real estate business:

The start-up phase is completely over and we are now a consolidated and growing-up reality. We work online too, but the quality of the direct relationship with people remain essential: if to a client, even if just potential, high quality services, attention and accuracy are offered, this will came back to you during the time.

The great results achieved by the agency, mainly focused on an international clientele and led by Andrea – a real estate agent since 1995, are proof of that:

When they arrive in our areas, the fall in love with it and start to invest. Once at home, they promote our territory and increase a “word of mouth” quality certificate that allow us to continue to do a great work.

Among the markets that appreciate these places the most, the Swiss, Dutch, German and English stand out, while the Nord Europe market is currently growing up.

They are 45-60 years old medium-wealthy people that visit our areas as tourists, fall in love with it and then buy here. They do it both to have a countryside home where to spend their holidays while waiting to be retired and move definitely there, as well as an investment: there are some clients who rent their new homes to their compatriots for short periods, who decide to open here a food and wine or wellness touristic business or to acquire and manage prestigious properties to produce high quality wines.

In this frame, the Italian market could not be missed. It is still present in these dynamics:

Fortunately, a lot of Italians, including the VIPs, are interested in this territory: a Sky manager has recently been our client.

The stylist Etro and some other famous protagonists of the music and cinema star systems who demand their own privacy precisely because they are aimed to buy a property in our hills to relax, even if only for the weekends: Milan is a hour from here.

Andrea, the leader of his family business which was opened in the early ’80 by his father, is an influential voice in this field thanks to his excellent role in the FIAIP, the Italian professional real estate agents federation. He is its provincial vice president and, since 2008, he is the international regional responsible for Piedmont. A choice that brings him in the front line in the heated debate about the new European Union law that stands, for 2019, the complete liberalization of the real estate agent job too:

As FIAIP we are strongly struggling for the no to the European Union law: this is a real job. As I, a real estate agent, would not be able to work as a lawyer, the same goes for the lawyer. The auspice is, instead, a major specialization, both at University and after, and a truly ongoing education.

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