The Great Estate marketing plans: the top advertising exposure and diffusion

The Great Estate marketing plans: the top advertising exposure and diffusion

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Entrusting yourself to Great Estate Immobiliare means assure the top advertising visibility possible to your property.

To quickly and successfully reach the sale, the “Three E rule” (read here our article about this topic) suggests us that Estimate, Exposure and Examination are needed. Among those aspects, the exposure is really essential for the sale strategy, confirming itself as the vendors’ most appreciated channel to show all the characteristics of their property.

Every day, Great Estate commits itself to let its vendors know the value of their property, the right clientele typology for it, as well as the most suitable marketing tools to obtain the top result. Moreover, our consultants analyse constantly, together with the seller, the advertising exposure results achieved and, more in general, the interest caused into the potential buyers.

Regarding the advertising visibility, the Great Estate Group can boast, as a brand, one of the best Italian exposure. Every vendor can enjoy it by having also the possibility to propose his/her property, compared to the others, in a “privileged” position.

Precisely for this reason, we have created different communication and marketing patterns which can to be “changed and personalized” depending on the characteristics of every property, as well as the aims and needs of the vendor, including the reduction of the sale process time.

So here is Great Estate with its five different Marketing Plans which respond to any real estate market needs. Through them, our Group offers the possibility to increase, on different levels, the exposure of every property:

  • M.P. Standard
  • M.P. Silver
  • M.P. Gold
  • M.P. Platinum
  • M.P. Su Misura (custom-made)
To obtain all the information and to know every detail about the different marketing plans, as well as all the advertising services offered to the vendors by Great Estate, visit our website and discover all the services for the sellers.

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