Roberto Biggera and the sale of “Casale Torregentile”: the clients’ satisfaction for our work

Roberto Biggera and the sale of “Casale Torregentile”: the clients’ satisfaction for our work

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After Stefano Calafà, this is the time of Roberto Biggera, the International Sales Co-Ordinator of Great Estate, to tell us his impressions on the “Casale Torregentile” sale, closed last 07 August in Todi.

Casale Torregentile” in Todi (click here to discover the sheet of the property) is, on my opinion, a beautiful example of a well done renovation work able to perfectly match the traditional style of the Umbrian farmhouses with modern design solutions.

The buyers, a couple resident in Luxembourg, fell in love immediately with the property: decisively panoramic, with privacy but not too isolated, it is at only 7-8 kilometers from Todi centre, which is considered one of the most beautiful old towns of central Italy.

Moreover, the clients really appreciated the stylistic choices of the ex-owner: the large doors and windows of the ground floor realized by Emanuela Miani (click here to read her article about “Torregentile”) to obtain some bright and panoramic rooms which allow to enjoy the beautiful Umbrian countryside around. The presence of important height rooms is remarkable too. The insulation, lining and the solar panels heating systems permit to have a great energetic saving. It is precisely for all this characteristics that the clients fell in love with this residence, deciding to buy it in a very short time.

Stefano Calafà (click here to read his article) and I, after the property visits, closed the negotiation in 10-15 days. After that, we committed ourselves to support both the parties during the entire process by offering our professional consultation regarding the agreement for the farmhouse renovation, as well as a complete assistance and monitoring of all the urbanistic papers needed to obtain the permissions before the deed.

Both the clients, the vendor and buyers, were very satisfied with the work we have done. They appreciated our crossing skills to professionally deal with all the real estate aspects, as well as our resolution, patience and extreme precision during every single phase of the negotiation.

In particular, the buyers were very glad to have finally find their perfect farmhouse in the Umbrian countryside. They were looking for it since a long time, struggling to find the one with those architectonical solutions that, in the inside, would have respected their aesthetic patterns, with some very specific requisites in terms of surface, privacy and in a good location.

Finally, after the “Torregentile” price reduction of January, the concrete and interesting possibility to buy it appeared, and they did not let it go.

Roberto Biggera

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