Property Guides interviews the CEO of Great Estate, Stefano Petri

Property Guides interviews the CEO of Great Estate, Stefano Petri

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Property Guides interviewed Stefano Petri, the CEO of Great Estate, in order to better know the real estate Group and its activity; we are going to propose you the first part of the interview.

Thanks to its offer of a complete support in the different sectors connected to the purchase process, Property Guides (the sister company of Smart Currency Exchange, partner of Great Estate), a genuine guide for everybody who is willing to buy abroad, addressed some questions to the CEO of the Great Estate Group.


Stefano, please tell us about the Great Estate network – what sort of properties and areas of Italy do you cover?

Great Estate was born about 20 years ago in one of the most appreciated areas of Tuscany, from which it expanded then to the entire region, to Umbria and Marche, to Sardinia and, in the last years, to Piedmont, Apulia and Liguria. The group’s development project expects a total national cover in the next four years, thanks to partnerships with new or already existing agencies.The properties for sale are mainly second homes with a strong character, an important soul and in general all the elements connected to the Italian lifestyle.

Around 80% of your clients who use your ‘My Agent’ service eventually buy through you – tell us about how this service works/why it’s useful for your clients

My Agent is a really important service for those who find in our group a valid professional support for buying in Italy with most tranquillity. Nowadays, there are so many properties on the market, often not well presented, and often with several background issues.

Thanks to My Agent, we create a mutual trust relationship with our client: first of all, we try to understand what he/she is looking for and where, then we make a selection of properties, both within our database and through cooperation with other agencies, sometimes even among properties indicated by the client him/herself.

Thanks to My Agent, the buyer can rely on a single professional point of reference who will perfectly understand his/her needs and who will find the right property, with the certainty of an interesting purchase from an economic point of view with all the necessary guarantees (discover more about My Agent here)


What sort of properties are popular among your buyers?

The typical property sought by our clients is a farmhouse or a country villa, better if close to a centre with amenities, well restored, with swimming pool, park and beautiful panoramic view, at a price between 500.000 and 2 million euro, depending on location, surface and finishing. That is about the 70-80% of the requests we receive.

Then we have clients who want to purchase a property in the historical centre of a town, where the price is almost always lower than 500.000 euro, if not considering properties in important cities like Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, etc, and clients who want very unique and prestigious residences, at prices that go from 2 to several million euros.

Any particular hotspots? Any areas people often overlook that they should consider? What nationalities are you especially seeing at the moment?

During the last few years, people from all over the world have been showing interest in pretty much every region of our country. Italy boasts so many really charming areas, so the choice of one spot over another often depends on what the buyer is looking for and how much he/she wants to spend.Potential buyers come from every country: USA, Great Britain, Germany, North Europe, but also Israel and Poland, from which we started receiving many requests for a property in Italy in the last few years.

This is the very first part of the interview made by Property Guides to Stefano Petri: stay tuned to discover the secondo one, with further and very interesting details

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