Great Estate Formia: the Project of the Real Estate Group on the Lazio Coast

Great Estate Formia: the Project of the Real Estate Group on the Lazio Coast

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We interview the Engineer Aniello Ferraro, one of the participants of the Great Estate Formia Project, a future real estate partner of the Group.

Hello, could you introduce yourself briefly? What do you do?

Hello, I am an engineer. I come from a building family and since the childhood, I often have been attending building lots, technical offices and professionals of the sector. Therefore, my graduation in Engineering from the Federico II University of Naples was my personal choice but, at the same time, “an obligation”, too. Beyond that, in the past, I was a real estate entrepreneur: my life was constantly characterized by the search for a balance between the professional activity and the management of the family business.

In 2006, I started a collaboration with one international real estate group dealing with the planning and realization of large civil and industrial works, Inveco Holding S.p.A. Later, I assumed the role of Group Technical Manager for Italy and Technical Manager for abroad.

From 2006 to 2013, I worked, for the most part, outside of Italy: during this time, I started to develop the idea of a multidisciplinary firm with the reference to highly skilled professionals in the various sectors.

Abroad, these modus operandi are a usual deal. In Italy, we are a little behind in this direction.

In last two years, considering my love for this country and my fervent belief in the recovery of its real estate market, I began to lay the foundations for the creation of such structure.

How did you meet with Stefano Petri, CEO of Great Estate?

I met Stefano Petri through one professional I collaborated with for some years, who is already a partner of Great Estate.

Even before the end of our first conversation, I realised that we with Stefano have a very similar vision of the market and an entrepreneurial mentality.

In fact, Great Estate already represents this idea of the group of the professionals possessed of excellent know hows in one sector and in collaboration with them I am able to provide the client with more complete and qualified service as possible.

Stefano Petri has managed to standardize, with time and experience, effective methods and performing procedures that became a successful brand, as a result.

Could you tell us about the meeting recently held at Lazio coast, between Formia, Gaeta e Sperlonga?

We have organized this meeting with Stefano in the area, very important for me (I was born in Naples and I have been living there the first years of my professional activity, so it’s very close for me and I know it very well), already included to the objectives of the Great Estate Network expansion.

We have met for this project of Great Estate Formia and each of us has taken his responsibilities, aiming to complete them by the end of the year. We would really like to make everything concrete as soon as possible!

We were very pleased with the meeting: this project will bring benefits to all of us, to Great Estate, to the involved free professionals and clients, first of all.

What is this, the Project Great Estate Formia?

Great Estate Formia was born from the idea of creating a unique environment, in which the client can use any service he needs or he may need, from the moment when he decides to invest up to the moment he decides to move in to the purchased or, maybe, even restructured property.

A “turnkey” service in the strict sense of this word.

Tax advisors, financial intermediators, architects, engineers, lawyers, builders, real estate agents, insurance professionals: a multipurpose facility that can save time and costs for customers and, above all, able to offer a high quality service on all the points of view.

Who are the professional involved?

Besides myself, at the meeting were present: my colleague and Architect Giancarlo Aversario, the lawyer Giuseppe Cece, the real estate agent of the area Mr Salvatore Valese, the Chartered Accountant Giuseppe Parasmo, as well as financial and insurance advisors of our confidence.

With this professional team, placed mentally and physically into a single working environment, it would be possible to resolve different issues with procedures and methods related to the same object; the client will deal only with a single representative, but, at the same time, with a chain of professionals behind, guaranteed by the brand.

The costs for a global management of this kind will be amortized by the offered services without any effect on the quality.

Why did chose Great Estate among the numerous real estate agencies present in the area?

The synergy, established from the very beginning, with Stefano Petri has opened the doors to this collaboration.

The 360-degree mentality of Great Estate Network is a key: the cutting-edge services, excellent method, effective standardized procedures, pre- and post-sales services for clients.

This is not an obvious idea: many agencies on the national territory, also very influential ones, are not ready for all this. Great Estate has already “tested” this method well and soon, we will establish a partnership with the Group and will contribute to broadening the horizons of all scenarios that this sector of market offers in a such important historical moment of sensitive transformation

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