Country House with Red Windows among the Green Hills of Tuscany

Country House with Red Windows among the Green Hills of Tuscany

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The fairy-tale country house, immersed in the green Tuscan hills with red windows has spellbound the new owners who are telling Great Estate about their experience with the Group.

Hello, where are you from? How did you meet Great Estate?

Hello. I am Italian, from Milan; my husband is English. Now we are living in China, in Shanghai.
We got to know Great Estate through your website.

Why did you decide to buy a property in Italy, for rental purpose or for personal use? What attracted you in Tuscany?

We wanted to invest in our future.

We have chosen Tuscany because of various reasons: we celebrated our wedding here, that’s why it would be great for us to turn back to this beautiful region.

The countryside, the panorama, the privacy and the relatively short distance to Rome and airport were certainly other fundamental elements of this choice.

So, one of you has already known Italy and its culture?

Yes, I was born in Italy and I have been living here for about fifteen years, yet not constantly.

Could you describe your impressions and emotions after you have visited your new property for the first time?

The externals of the farmhouse have captured our attention at once: it seemed a kind of a “fairy-tale house” with those windows in red brick.

The environment embracing the farmhouse was also nice: fruit trees, olive trees, swimming pool; a beautiful lush green lawn made it even more enjoyable for our view.

The size also was perfect for our needs: rent it for a first time and leave it in the future, for our holidays.

Finally, the distance from the house to Chiusi has made our choice much simpler: the railway station, the main services and the motorway exit are not too close to disturb our privacy, but not too far away. It was the fact that has convinced us.

Have you done numerous visits before to choose this beautiful farmhouse immersed in the hilly Tuscany?

Tommaso who accompanied us from the very beginning has showed us six or seven properties in Tuscany and one near Lake Trasimeno.

The farmhouse is in a goof state of repair; are you going to change something or it is perfect for you as it is now?

For now, it is good for us.

Maybe, in the future, when we would have some profit from the house we will modernize a little the kitchen and update the bathrooms.

Were you satisfied with the negotiation managed by Great Estate? Did you receive all the information you were interested in to proceed to the signing of the deal?

Absolutely yes. Tommaso, despite of various questions to clarify with the former owners, was always very helpful to assist us in all respects.

He also helped us in the choice of the Notary.

The estimated costs, declared at the beginning of the negotiations, have been very close to reality and we did not have any unpleasant surprises.

Did your expectations come true?

I would say they went over. Just as we have already mentioned, Tommaso was an excellent professional: his assistance did not finish with the signing of the deal, but he supported us even after it.

We needed a caretaker and a gardener and he helped us even in this.

To conclude, what was your experience with Great Estate?

I would say that everything was done under the constant supervision of Tommaso and Great Estate: far from Italy, we have always been very quiet thanks to the care they had of us, during all the time of the negotiation.

Would you recommend Great Estate to other buyers?

Absolutely yes!

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