Villa in Clitunno: the new owner tells Great Estate about himself

Villa in Clitunno: the new owner tells Great Estate about himself

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We interview Mr. Pennington, the buyer of “Villa Ma Provence”, in Campello sul Clitunno, the beautiful villa just sold in Province of Perugia.

What can you tell about yourself? How did you find our agency, by whom or by what means did you come to Great Estate?

I am 67 years old and I from a town near Bath (west of England) I am a chartered accountant retired from the City of London with three children and three grandchildren.
My approach to your company was recommended by an agent in UK who knew of the then Chestertons tie-up.

How did you decide to purchase a property? What was your motivation in this purchase: the representation interest, personal investment or business?

The purpose in buying ( we already have houses in UK and a home in France) was to acquire a home ( not an asset to let) in Italy. The market is in an atrocious state and I feel sure it will be a great asset but a poor investment.

What attracted you and what led you to buying the property in Italy, in Umbria?

My experience of Umbria over 40 years recommended I look there and my wife and I were shown by Suzanne a good cross section of suitable houses throughout the region. The trip was handled well.

Did you know the place and Italian culture before?

We have often holidayed in Italy and in the Spoleto valley especially near Bevagna and knew the region well.

Before choosing this property, did you visit any others properties in Italy or in the vicinity?

We principally wanted a pool so have put in motion planning consent applications. This area could have been better with your agency. We were set to view another house near “Le Fontanelle” but Pierdomenico without warning diverted us to “ Villa Ma Provence” instead. We are glad he did although it has no pool and we had no sale details.

Did you manage to overcome bureaucracy and language difficulties with the help of Great Estate? Was there anything you were worried about? Was Great Estate able to offer the services you needed?

Bureaucracy is appalling in Italy and it took nearly 6 months and many issues to resolve to buy the place. Your company, in what to an Englishman is a problematical process, was excellent in helping us battling the system and closing the huge language gap and Suzanne, who was an exemplary help.

Would you recommend our Group to other buyers?

Yes we would recommend your firm.

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