Recently Sold Farmhouse in Tuscany, the Interview with the New Owner

Recently Sold Farmhouse in Tuscany, the Interview with the New Owner

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With the help of the Great Estate Group, the Gribaudi family has become the owner of a farmhouse in Tuscany and has closed a flash sale of the property in the UK through our partnership with Chestertons.

Great Estate, positioning itself as an Italian representative on the international level, develops partnerships all around the world to assist our clientele and to offer new solutions for selling property.

The opinion of our clients gives us the opportunity of being able to observe the productive work of authorized individual agents, demonstrating how Great Estate takes care of each agent in the process of assistance, and supports them in every phase of selling property, either buyers or sellers.

The sold home is a beautiful farmhouse, nestled in the green hills of Tuscany, just 30 km from Florence with a perfectly manicured park that comes with a swimming pool for the summer rest.

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The Gribaudi family has come to Great Estate through “an Internet research” where they “discovered the purchased property and the Great Estate Group“.

How did you decide to purchase this property and what made you choose the home in Italy?

After 13 years in England, we wanted to return to Italy. We were looking for a home that would become our main residence, isolated yet not far from to airports and city centers. Its potential and convenience were also important for us.

Can you describe your feelings or impressions after the first visit?

We have visited numerous properties but none of them has impressed us particularly. But during the first visit to the property we have purchased we had a very deep feeling! It possessed of all the features we were looking for. In addition, the price has played an important role, and the support of Giacomo was excellent.

As it was confirmed by the client, the decisive factors in the buying property were: “the general conditions of the house, its location and state of repair, and exterior characteristics.” Thus, the care about property and the possibility immediately to move in a new, comfortable and well-maintained home led to the sale.

How important for you was the quality of the finishings and comfort of the property? Was the property perfect in “As-Is” condition or you intended to make some changes? Have you already decided what should be changed or personalized?

These aspects weren’t decisive in our choice to buy; in future we definitely will change something, but now we have everything we wanted.

How did you deal with the bureaucracy and difficulties in the process of buying? Was the Great Estate group able to provide you with the services you needed?

The pre-buying process was complex. But GE has always been close and its work has been done beyond our expectations. In particular, the support of Giacomo was truly outstanding.

Moreover, the Gribaudi family has used our international collaborations in order to close a flash sale (in only two months) for a property they had in England through the Chestertons, our partner agency in London. This fact is confirmed by the client’s satisfaction of this collaboration: “the English group was very professional and experienced. We received a really great service. ”

In conclusion, can you tell us how was your experience with Great Estate and with the professional managing you during the purchase phases?

Giacomo was really very good!

On the initial stage, we got a lot of news, indispensable for us, even considering our distance from Italy. During the visits, he was professional, responsible and accurate. During negotiation, in the process of research of all necessary documentation, he showed an excellent assistance, always being present, organized and punctual. The same were confirmed during closing the sale.

Despite all the complexity of the sale process, he has always been calm and serene, that is essential under such circumstances. In short, he is a great professional!

And the Great Estate group is able to offer everything that a seller or a buyer needs!

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