The Watermill purchaseing in Tuscany – Interview with Mary Ann Tumiotto

The Watermill purchaseing in Tuscany – Interview with Mary Ann Tumiotto

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Mary Ann Tumiotto, the International consultant and Agent of Great Estate, has managed the buyer of the beautiful “Mulino ad acqua di Londa” in the province of Florence, Tuscany.

How did you meet up with Great Estate?

I learned about Great Estate in 2011. All arose from the desire to crown “the Tuscan dream” and leave the gray city life that was getting too tight for me and my family’s needs. We have done an Internet research to figure out who actually is able to offer us a concrete possibility to move to the most beautiful and desired region of Italy, continuing to do our work, and so we discovered and immediately appreciated the Great Estate Group.

How long have you collaborated with Great Estate?

Our collaboration was starting gradually, as in 2011 I had to manage my local business, which took me a larger part of a day. Initially, I devoted little time to the development of Great Estate project but in course of time, I realized its potential and got more and more involved, until now, with pleasure and satisfaction. I could say I am an integral part of the group.

Have you already had an opportunity to close any sales with Great Estate?

Yes, I managed to close some sales in the area of San Vincenzo (LI), where I work now, and in the zone of Lake Como, where I worked previously.

It was possible because Great Estate is a well established and sought-for group as for the buyers, as for the sellers. This fact allowed me to realize the dreams of people who have trusted me and the group.

But one of the sales has satisfied me more than others because when you managed to close the sale with American clients who got used to high quality standards and open manifestation of their satisfaction, the gratification is double.

What were the reasons which persuaded you to undertake the commercial agreement with Great Estate?

I can pick out one of them in particular – it is fairness, kindness and responsibility of Stefano Petri, the CEO, and of the whole group.

Could you tell us how the sale of this beautiful Tuscan farmhouse went in the collaboration with Great Estate?

Among the numerous offers, the client chose this property. Subsequently, I have contacted him in order to know more details about the property he was looking for and if the property he had chosen met his needs. After the conversation, as it often happens, I made an appointment.

Do you appreciate the collaboration with Stefano Petri, the director of the group, who managed the sellers?

This collaboration gave me a lot. When the sale with American client was closed I realized that support of my colleagues – Roberto Biggera, Stefano Petri and Antonio Anile – was extremely valuable; without their help it would be much more difficult to achieve this result.

One of the features that distinguish and unite these three great professionals is accuracy that inevitably brings good results and facilitates the process of collaboration.

Could you tell us how long you have being managed these clients and from which advertising channel they have come?

The first contact with these clients took place in December, through Rightmove Overseas.

Where are the clients from? What requirements did they have?

From the very beginning, they were very decided and had clear idea about the type of the property they were looking for. Their needs were quite precise as they intended to open B & B. Therefore, they needed an already active structure with a plot of land, located in a tranquil area.

They were impressed by the photos we have published and, especially, by the large fireplace in the kitchen that made them fall in love.

The buyer is from New York but now he lives and does business in Hong Kong. He did not know Italian laws and process of buying a property that is why he always asked about explanation. It was particularly rewarding to complete a sale with people got used to high professional standards and receive an approval from them.

What was the clients’ impression when they visited the property for the first time?

They were so smitten by the property, that at the end of our appointment they expressed the intention to purchase it.

Did the clients have a clear idea about their wish? Was it a final choice? Did they make many visits? 

Their research started a year ago and made them view many properties in other Italian regions like Campania and Lazio; in the end, they realized that Florence was the most attractive area for them. Since they started their search in Tuscany, they have always had very clear ideas. It was proved by the fact that they were defined about the purchase of this property at the end of the first visit.

The Great Estate Group does a great job at international level, as for you, what are the reasons for this vision and performance?

The Great Estate Group is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, real estate group for the promotion of Italian property on the international market. The constant renewal, training and innovation I found in the group, in my opinion, are the reasons that deserve success.

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