Interview to the New Owners of Villa Belvedere in Cetona

Interview to the New Owners of Villa Belvedere in Cetona

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Villa Belvedere now has the new owners: today Cetona has a pleasure to host a new English couple, the Hong Kong residents.

Why have you chosen Italy to purchase your family holiday home? And why have you have chosen this area in south of Tuscany, close to Cetona historical center?

J&L: We were looking for a family home that would be convenient (travel: within 2 hours of a major airport), safe, spacious, and of course beautiful! Initially we thought this home would be on the West Coast and we viewed many villas by the sea.

Yet when we drove into Cetona and saw the house, well, we fell in love with the stunning views, the fantastic design, the culture and the people.

Did you already have in mind the house you wanted to buy from the outset or did you change your parameters during your search?

Roberto Biggera

Roberto Biggera International Sales Co-ordinator

J&L: We thought we knew what we wanted, but we did not know the countryside/country very well and Roberto was kind enough to show us additional properties at the end of our preliminary search.

Roberto gave us an incredible insight to the local features, purchase options and topography of Cetona.

Did it take a long time to find the right property?

J&L: Online: most properties looked appealing! However, once the actual viewings started, Roberto was very adaptable and ultimately fantastic at selecting properties that fitted our criteria, aspirations and budget.

Could you briefly describe the property that you have bought and explain the main features that let you fall in love with this place?

J&L: At 450 meters elevation and located above the most beautiful, picturesque town of Cetona, the villa is set amongst the sumptuous rolling hills of Tuscany.

The natural views from the grounds are stunning (even after so many return trips), the town was so gracious in welcoming us, the local food is exceptionally delicious and, naturally, the olive oil is the best in the world!

Southern Tuscany proved to be the perfect location for our family – remote and private, yet at the same time within a reasonable distance from Rome and the airport of Fiumicino.

The villa itself has lush layered lawns, a fantastically located pool, an elegant yet practical floor plan and – of course – immaculate olive groves arching towards town.

When and Why did you choose to rely on the Great Estate Group Real Estate agency?

J&L: Great Estate responded to our online enquiry instantly – in many instances that is to be expected.

What was not expected was the attention to detail of our property search, the numerous helpful recommendations, the diverse range of properties subsequently presented to us – but most importantly the personalised service.

There was never any pressure to “complete”, rather there was always a keen, patient and informative discussion throughout the search.

Did you find it difficult or have any particular problems with the Italian property laws or bureaucracy during your negotiations?

J&L: We came across some local requirements which, as foreigners, we were not familiar with – but with Great Estate’s help in the translation, comprehension and practical advice of the law, we had no problems at all.

Have you been satisfied from the service offered by Great Estate Group and his professionals?

J&L: The service from Great Estate was exceptionally good, and in Roberto we could not recommend somebody more highly.

The journey from “interest” in a Tuscan villa to “completion” would not have been possible without Great Estate’s patience and expertise.

Post-completion the assistance from Great Estate did not stop: numerous practicalities from arranging internet, translating documents, introducing us to neighbours and facilitating contracts were all handled effortlessly by Roberto.

Would you recommend the Great Estate to other buyers, and, if so, why?

J&L: Without hesitation. Purchasing a property in one of the world’s most beautiful regions is fundamentally a journey of the heart – however there are practicalities and matters that require local expertise, guidance and assistance.

Great Estate advised us in an extremely professional and productive manner. We consider Roberto not just an invaluable professional in our property search, but now a good friend too.

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