Great Estate and the sale of an enchanted castle

Great Estate and the sale of an enchanted castle

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Great Estate achieved another important success: the trade of a prestigious castle in Umbria, bought from an internationally recognized Italian.

Spring 2018 has brought with it another success signed by Great Estate. Last April, our office in San Casciano celebrated the sale of an amazing castle in Umbria.

Giacomo Buonavita

A noteworthy goal that involved first and foremost the real estate agent Giacomo Buonavita, a strong element of the group for 10 years now, as well as the whole Great Estate agency, that efficiently cooperate through an impeccable team work.

About two years ago, Giacomo Buonavita got the assignment to sale this castle by following the usual procedure for obtaining a property of Great Estate.

First of all, the introduction of the group to the customer showing the services offered, then the sign of a warrant and last the explanation and application of the “3 E” rule (evaluation, exposure, and examination).
Giacomo, after redacting a professional and detailed evaluation of the property through The Best Price (an IT system based on algorithms and data collection models, that establishes the correct market value of a property), agreed with the sellers which was the perfect promoting strategy for the property. The next step involved our professional photographer, who realized a suggestive photo shoot (a fundamental element for the trade success).

Every month, Buonavita reviewed the performances of the property in terms of views and the appreciation from potential buyers, always sharing those data with the sellers.

The direct consequence of the marketing plan has been the four visits with four different customers (really significant for a prestigious property as a castle). The last one who visited it, decided to present a proposal, giving the start to the trade.

Thanks to the great team work and the transversal skills of the Great Estate professionals, the sellers decided to entrust our group for the sale of the property, accepting then the buyer’s proposal.

However, which have exactly been the elements that allowed the close of negotiations of the Castle in Umbria? Discover more in the next articles of our Magazine!

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