Cetona, March 2018; another success signed Great Estate: “The Garden View” sale

Cetona, March 2018; another success signed Great Estate: “The Garden View” sale

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Last March, Great Estate signed the sale of a beautiful and unique apartment in the historic centre of Cetona, Tuscany (click here to read our article). Let’s discover it!

Last March, Great Estate singed “The Garden View” (click here to read the property tab) final deed of sale: an exclusive apartment of four levels in the historic centre of the beautiful Cetona. “The Garden View” owns some unique features: a facing south and very panoramic location, a great rooms brightness, a moderate surface and a large 200 sqm private garden overlooking the Cetona Mountain.

Giacomo Buonavita, the real estate agent who managed the sellers, tells us that:

Surely, the presence of a private garden has made this real estate proposal very interesting for the market. Indeed, I would like to underline that an international marketing plan has been used for this property too. It revelated itself to be the right choice, allowing us to sell the property in a very short time: 9 months after is acquisition. 

I admit that, in this case too, the services of our agency made the difference. The acquisition methodology represented the process starting point: a property estimate respecting the market values and shared with the owner. The consequential entering of the property into the market through a specific marketing promotion allowed its advertisement on the best international portals. Finally, a preliminary and accurate examination work on the property for sale which allowed the buyer to know the entire technical and legal situation of the property since the first visit.

Roberto Biggera, instead, dealt with the buyers, an Italian couple resident abroad.

We met in august 2017. The clients were aimed to purchase a holiday home in the area of Cetona. They liked this location because both its beauty and vicinity to every service: the train station and motorway exits are near. They were looking for an independent house, but in the historical centre. We visited a total of four properties.

I remember that, the day of the first visit to “The Garden view”, the clients immediately fell in love with it: its position in the historic centre, the large and panoramic garden of about 200 sqm – a real rarity in a historical centre – made the property be irresistible! For this reason too, the negotiation was very rapid: it was closed in just a week.

Having said this, I am also convinced that the completeness and precision of all the property documents which were immediately made available to the clients and the great quality/price correlation of the house were fundamental to the negotiation closing and the clients’ satisfaction. Indeed, they chose Great Estate because of our post-sale services (discover them here) too. In order to personalize the apartment, clients decided to do some internal works by enjoying our professionals and specialists net.

So, we can affirm to be all really satisfied!

Again, congratulations to our real estate consultants Giacomo Buonavita and Roberto Biggera.

If you want to purchase your prestigious property in Italy, visit our website or contact our head office.. we are waiting for you!

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