Waiting for summer 2018 to come, Great Estate closed a brilliant sale in Argentario: Villa Cala del Gesso

Waiting for summer 2018 to come, Great Estate closed a brilliant sale in Argentario: Villa Cala del Gesso

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Last May 18th, the deed for the marvelous Villa Cala Del Gesso, located in the Argentario coast, was signed in Rome. Elisa Biglia, Head of international of the Great Estate Group, shares with us this great success, which is both personal and of the whole team.

We are in one of the most appreciated and well-known sea resorts in the world: the Argentario coast.
Villa Cala Del Gesso is located in Porto Santo Stefano, one of the most fascinating bays in the coast, and since last May, it has a new owner: a Norwegian manager who actually lives in London. From the terraces of this amazing property, surrounded by a booming and extended Mediterranean forest, is possible to admire an incomparable view on Giglio, Giannutri and Montecristo islands. Moreover, the property position allows to reach Cala Del Gesso with its crystal-clear sea in a walking distance.

“The villa is definitely in a great location, with views both on Argentario sea and on Cala Del Gesso bay. The building takes the name from the bay because of the similarity between its white sands and the gypsum dust.
Cala del Gesso is accessible only via sea, so it is really uncontaminated. The owners, a family from Rome, contacted Great Estate because some our loyal clients and friends from Orvieto had recommended us to them. Well…the word of mouth is always a winning tool in this job!

I remember that I evaluated Villa Cala del Gesso before our operating system The Best Price was functioning. At the beginning, we agreed for about 1.500.000 €, even if the owners were determined to start with a price of about two million euros. However, during the time, the villa was looking a little shaggy and, when our Norwegian customer made the offer, the vendors realized that their expectations were too high. Thanks to this circumstance, they understood that our evaluation process was more in line with the current market values.

On the other hand, the buyer, Mr. Fredrik – the Norwegian manager who is living in London –  contacted us because he fell in love with the Argentario coast during a holiday with his family few years ago. He came back to this area with the intention of doing an investment. Initially, he was looking for a villa with an extended land; but finally, I was able to convince him that by the sea the view and the location have a bigger value than the hectares of land (as usually required in the countryside areas).

I remember well that, after we first met, the client wanted to sign a My Agent contract with our agency and after the third visit, he finally found the right property that answered to his exigencies. He chose “Villa Cala Del Gesso” for its location by the sea.

Regarding the negotiation between the parties, I admit it was quite fast, but unfortunately, it has been necessary to resolve and complete some bureaucratic procedures to correct some urbanistic issues of the property. Thanks to the help of the right professionals and to our experience and competence, we were able to reassure the buyer and resolve everything in roughly six months. The sale was completed by signing the final deed last 18th of May, to the value of more than 1.450.00 €.”

So Elisa, tell us about your last sale!

To conclude: Elisa, what are your thoughts about this sale?

“In general, it has been a satisfying negotiation because, right from the start I could establish a great loyalty relationship with the buyer. Indeed, Mr. Fredrik appreciated our way of working and above all the seriousness and professionalism of Great Estate Group. Even in front of some technical difficulties, he always showed his trust toward us.”

A special thanks to our Elisa Biglia.

Do you want to sell or buy your prestigious villa by the sea? Contact Great Estate! Our consultants are waiting to giving you all the information and help you need!

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